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While The Unshackled is based in Australia and mainly focus on Australian news and politics we do follow global developments and of course what is happening in the United States with the Trump Administration. Without having done a Trump show for a while I welcome back to the show to catch up on all of it with Deputy Editor of The Unshackled Emilio Garcia.

The retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy allowed Trump to nominate his second Justice to the United States’ highest court. Kennedy was known as the swing justice in a court that was divided 4-4 liberal-conservative. He supported abortion rights and gay marriage but also free speech and gun rights. Progressives have been freaking out believing Roe vs Wade which legalized abortion in 1973 will be overturned.

However, Donald Trump nominated United States Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh a moderate conservative. He worked as an Associate Counsel in the Bush Administration and as a law clerk for Justice Kennedy. He’s a constitutional originalist but also respects precedent so is not in favour of overturning Roe vs Wade.

Many are questioning Trump’s motives in nominating Kavanaugh as conservatives don’t consider him a home run like Neil Gorsuch was. Trump is most likely wanting to soften his approach in some areas ahead of the mid-term congressional elections where Democrats will throw everything at him.

Many conservatives only supported Trump based on the assumption he would appoint constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court. With other justices nearing retirement age conservatives may not be able to rule the Supreme Court for a generation as they once hoped.

Trump is now in Europe, his first stop was in Belgium for the NATO summit. He repeated his call for NATO countries to pay their fair share. He refrained from criticizing Russia and tried to turn the issue onto Germany saying they were captive to Russia for gas. Many have criticized Trump for treating the country’s allies poorly but this is the type of style is what we have come to expect from Trump.

Trump’s next stop is the United Kingdom where mass protests have been planned by local leftist groups, this includes an inflatable baby Trump which has got permission to be flown over London. Trump has had a tense relationship with Prime Minister Theresa May after he retweeted Britain First videos and has attacked London Mayor Sadiq Khan for his inability to control crime and terrorism in the city.

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