Battle of the Baby Balloons, The Right Responds to the Baby Trump Balloon


U.S. President Donald Trump touched down in the United Kingdom yesterday afternoon for a four-day trip on his European tour. He will be visiting Prime Minister Theresa May along with the Queen and possibly the Houses of Parliament.

The media is calling this “the most controversial United States Head of State visit to the UK” mainly due to the left’s militant opposition to Trump and his policies.

Security has been tightened over the weekend with annual leave being cancelled for many police officers. It is predicted that thousands of police will be required to keep tens of thousands of protesters at bay with mass demonstrations being planned in many major cities in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

One special activist Nona Hurkmans has designed a 6-meter-high balloon depicting Trump as a baby carrying a mobile phone. Over £50000 was raised by leftists to make the project a reality. A petition was also used to convince London Mayor Sadiq khan to allow them to fly the balloon over the capital city during the visit and subsequent demonstrations.

These activists believe that the balloon has “Scared Trump away from London” during his visit after news that he will not be spending much time there. However, it is highly likely that there are other factors at play here, including the danger he will be in when he ventures into the city that is home to a left-wing majority and a large Muslim population. Even American citizens have been warned to stay indoors during the trip and to be careful in general as they may be attacked as hype for the visit continues.

This will more than likely gain a response from the President who has a history of responding to the left on Twitter. It will be interesting to see how he turns this one around.

There has also been a petition to fly the balloon over his golf course in Scotland, where he will be staying over the weekend.

There have even been rumours that activists will try and move the balloon around the world as Trump travels to constantly troll him.

It gets better though, the political right has planned their very own response to the Trump balloon with the Sadiq Kahn balloon which depicts the London Mayor as a baby which was created by conservative Yanny Bruere. His Crowdfund campaign raised over £41000 for the project despite having significantly less mainstream media attention that the Trump balloon. The project is still waiting for approval to fly over the city though and it would not be surprising if it is unsuccessful.

The Sadiq Kahn balloon has yet to be made but Yanny promises it will “capture all the ugly features” of the London Mayor and will have a hooked nose and bags under its eyes.

Bruere plans to fly his balloon during an event next month titled “Make London Safe Again” which aims to raise awareness and work towards reducing the growing crime rate in London. More information on that shortly.

What do our subscribers think of the left’s plan? Is this the best troll idea they have ever had or will it be Trumped by its right-wing counterpart?

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