The Unshackled Waves Ep. 154 Super Saturday Dates, Company Tax Cuts, Tommy Robinson and Ireland Abortion Referendum

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It was a tough week for many of us with some major setbacks in the British Isles. To digest them as well as recap what has been happening at home I was joined once again by the Unshackled’s Political Editor Michael Smyth.

We finally got the dates for the Super Saturday of 5 by-elections, 4 caused by the dual citizenship saga. Last Thursday speaker Tony Smith announced after seeking advice from the electoral commission the by-elections would be held on Saturday, July 28th. This is the same day as the Labor National Conference. It was the ultimate act of political trickery by the Turnbull Government but has given Bill Shorten an excuse to cancel the conference which would have likely embarrassed him on the issue of asylum seekers. The delay of two months we were told was, so the AEC can create new citizenship disclosure requirements.

Last week One Nation leader Pauline Hanson dealt the Turnbull Government’s signature company tax cuts policy a death blow withdrawing her party’s support after claiming the government failed to deliver on her demands. This was more a case of Pauline Hanson attempting to differentiate her party from the Coalition who she votes with 70% of the time. The government is persisting with the tax cuts. A Newspoll showing 63% support for the cuts has given them a glimmer of hope and Hanson is still open to having her mind changed.

The UK moved closer to a police state with the jailing of anti-Islam and British values campaigner Tommy Robinson. This was after he was arrested for live streaming a Muslim gang grooming trial in Leeds and charged with breaching the peace. Because he was already on a suspended sentence so he was able to summarily sentenced to thirteen months in prison. Reporting his jailing is being suppressed until the grooming trial concludes. It has been labelled a death sentence for Robinson as he was previously based by Muslims in jail. UK authorities should be concerned about the prevalence of these Muslim grooming gangs, not those reporting on them.

The Republic of Ireland voted to repeal the 8th Amendment to its Constitution which gave equal protection to the mother and the unborn child. 66.4% voted yes while 33.2% voted no out of a 64% voter turnout. The referendum was supported by all four major parties in Ireland including Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. It strengthens the pro-abortion movement worldwide who will lobby now for even more liberal abortion laws and suppressions of pro-life speech. Already they want neighbouring Northern Ireland to liberalise its abortion laws.…

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