The Unshackled Waves Ep. 149 The Dusty Bogan


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We continue to discover no shortage of alt-media personalities in Australia which is always pleasing to see. Another Aussie YouTuber we have across is Ben Shand who is known as the Dusty Bogan. He is based in Brisbane and his channel is a mixture of rants about political news in Australia and field reports from public events and rallies in Brisbane. I thought it would be good to introduce him to the channel and get to know him a bit more. Despite being called the Dusty Bogan Ben is actually from New Zealand yet has adopted the bogan lifestyle, he converted to Christianity as an adult and is one of the founders of the Proud Boys in Australia.

We discuss the state of Australia culture, particularly the spread of political correctness, the stifling of free speech and the left’s controlling our institutions. We debate the merits of multiculturalism and if the issue is more complicated than on face value. We also ask him about the descent of his home state of Queensland with the LGBT agenda being forced on young children and Green ideology affecting those living in the bush.

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