The Unshackled Waves Ep. 144 Victoria’s Crime Crisis – My Tarneit

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As part of our continuing coverage of Victoria’s Crime Crisis which gained national attention this summer, we interview Arnav Sati who has founded the anti-crime community group My Tarneit. Tarniet is a suburb in Melbourne’s west that has been most heavily impacted by the crime crisis and which also has a large Sudanese migrant population. Arnav himself is an immigrant to Australia and strictly sees this issue as a community safety and law and order issue.

Insights he is able to provide is what it’s like every night for residents in Tarneit worried they may be broken into and how police resources are so stretched that not all break-ins are probably investigated. Because Tarneit is a safe Labor seat the crime issue has not gained the attention of the local member or state government, but with the state election due later this year it gives the local community a window to at least have some influence. We also learn that there are even reprisal attacks for those who speak out against crime due to the lax sentences handed out by perpetrators.

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