The Unshackled Waves Ep. 141 Turnbull’s 30th Newspoll Loss, Greens Manifesto and Commonwealth Games


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To discuss a huge week in Australian politics we welcome back to the show Associate Editor of The Unshackled Tom Pirrone.

It’s official, as expected Malcolm Turnbull lost his 30th consecutive Newspoll, the same measure he used to justify his leadership challenge against Tony Abbott in September 2015. In anticipation of the Newspoll loss leadership speculation began last week with the newly formed Monash Forum made up of conservative Coalition MPs published a letter calling on the Turnbull Government to invest $4 billion in a new coal fired power station. There was also a Seven News report which stated now even moderate MPs are deserting Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership. The only thing in Turnbull’s favour is he is still preferred Prime Minister and is more popular than all the other Liberal alternatives, putting Liberal MPs in a difficult position seeming doomed at the next election. Liberal Ministers and backbenches have stated their is no threat to Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership and even John Howard has urged the party to stick with Turnbull.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale unveiled the Greens new economic manifesto at the National Press Club last week which included advocating for a people’s bank and a universal basic income (UBI). This is on top of the Greens’ already announced policies for 2018 which include banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 and changing the date of Australia Day. The people’s bank offering low interest housing loans would result in many people borrowing who could not pay it back with the taxpayer footing the bill for defaulted loans, a UBI would also hinder the incentive for many people to find work or take on more work. Many have suspected this lurch to the left from Di Natale is about shoring up his leadership after the disunity during their Batman by-election loss.

The Commonwealth Games have begun on the Gold Coast however it has been hijacked by radical Aboriginal activists who have labelled it the Stolen Wealth Games because it is a legacy of British colonialism. Their argument that the present down crown is responsible for Aboriginal oppression is absurd and given that modern Australia was built under the government of the crown wealth has been created, not stolen. So far they blocked the movement of the Queens’ baton and tried to storm the opening ceremony, three were arrested including teenage criminal Dylan Voller. The Commonwealth Games opening ceremony itself tried to placate Aboriginal activists as much as possible with an endless parade of segments dedicated to Aboriginal culture.

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