The Unshackled Waves Ep. 131 Church and State Summit 2018

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The Unshackled had been heavily promoting the first ever Church and State Summit hosted by our friend Dave Pellowe in Brisbane on February 23rd/24th in Brisbane. Since the Unshackled could not attend due to our editors meeting being in Melbourne that weekend we thought we would speak to Dave himself for a rundown on how the summit unfolded.

We first ask him about what was involved in organising such an event and how he was able to line up many high profile speakers and partners which assisted with promoting the event. We look at the themes of the presentations at the summit, what was the feeling from attendees in the room and what was his call to action. We also catch up on Dave’s plans for Pellowe Talk in 2018 and also get his assessment of the political year so far.

Church and State
Pellowe Talk

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