The Unshackled Waves Ep. 127 Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships


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One of the most concerning issues in Australia has been the use of education system by the left to promote cultural Marxist ideas and engage in the social reengineering and early sexualisation of children. This most famously began with the Safe Schools program designed by Marxist academic Roz Ward promoting the LGBT agenda. It was thankfully defunded by the federal government by its influence still pervades the education curriculum, particularly in Victoria.

Victoria is also where the Respectful Relationships Program was born which was designed supposedly to counter domestic violence but is aimed at children as young as preschool to teach concepts such as male privilege and for older children includes discussions about pornography and various sexual encounters. Not surprisingly there has been some pushback from both parents and educators against government overreach into these areas and concepts.

To explore these programs in detail our guest is Moria Deeming who a Melbourne based parent and high school teacher who has spoken out against these programs telling the media she would refuse to teach what she described as the ‘lewd’ content of safe schools and respectful relationships and would rather be fired. She and a number of other Melbourne mums have become politically active to fight these programs.

Moria gives us an overview of the how the Safe Schools program is being taught in Victoria and how it still contains the content which a federal review stated should be removed. We learn about the content of Respectful Relationships including the sexual scenarios the students are expect to play out and what affect that has on young children. We also look at what is appropriate sex ed and how over the past 20 years it has gone from teaching the facts to sexual positivity. We also look at how Moira and other concerned parents and teachers are fighting back including being politically active, especially in Victoria given it is a state election year.

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