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YouTube has become a large part of modern popular culture and the anti-social justice warrior video genre has become extremely popular as a response to all of the madness that has been pervading western nations. To discuss this and his own successful YouTube career we were lucky to have on the show American YouTuber Hunter Avallone who is arguably one of the world’s most famous anti-SJW YouTubers. At the age of just 21 his channel currently has 385,000 subscribers.

We explore his humble beginnings of just producing family videos before branching out into YouTube and how he decided he wanted to produce anti-SJW videos. We ask him about YouTube fame and how he and other YouTubers interact with each other. We also learn about his future career plans. We get an assessment of living in Trump’s America, why he decided to support Trump and his opinion on Trump’s progress so far. We also ask him about his family background including his experience being homeschooled and also leaving Christianity.

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