The Unshackled Waves Ep. 126 Stock Market Crash, Barnaby Joyce, Jim Molan and Susan Lamb

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Parliament resumed this week however there was still plenty of news happening outside the place. To discuss these various developments we were joined by the Unshackled’s Senior Editor Damien Ferri.

Stock Markets worldwide had somewhat of a crash with the US Dow Jones closing 1,175 points down or losing 4.6% of its value. It translated to the ASX on Tuesday which lost 6 per cent of its value falling to to 6,026 points. On Thursday the Down fell again by 1,033 points or 4.2%. The biggest drop was reserved for crypocurrency bitcoin which fell from a high of $20,000 to 6000 losing 70% of value. Nobody has been able to pin down an exact reason for the crash, some say is because many are predicting the new Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell to raise interest rates. Since Trump took credit for the growth of the economy he will now cop the blame for the stock market crash.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was not only exposed by the Daily Telegraph to be having an affair with his former media advisor Vikki Campion but she is pregnant with his child. Some have argued that reporting this is not in the public interest however Joyce was proponent of family values so the fact that got kicked out of home by his wife whom he had four children with to have an affair is certainly a moral failing worth highlighting. Also the fact that Campion was moved around in various Nationals MPs’ offices raises questions about legitimate use of taxpayer funds. Journalists who know that other MPs are having affairs really need to decided if there are journalists or running a protection racket for their political mates, let the public decide if they are interested in Joyce’s affair.

New Liberal Senator Jim Molan had a baptism of fire when he was criticised for previously sharing Britain First videos on his Facebook page. The Greens claimed he shared white supremacist propaganda and even accused him of being a war criminal from his time as head of Coalition forces in the Iraq War. Greens MP Adam Bandt did apologize for calling Molan a coward when he threatened to sue, something Greens don’t normally do. To Molan’s credit he did not apologize and the Liberal parliamentary team was united around him. In our Unshackled poll 97% of our readers agreed with him sharing the videos.

Labor’s Susan Lamb was the latest MP under pressure to refer herself to the High Court in the continuing dual citizenship saga. She made a statement to the House this week claiming she cannot fulfill the UK authorities’ request for more documentation as she is estranged from her mother who she claimed abandoned her when she was six, therefore she says she cannot get her parents birth certificate as her father is dead as well. Although it is a tragic story the law still applies and she should go the High Court. However it is hypocritical the of government to pursue Lamb but say that Josh Frydenberg Jason Falinski are off limits because of their tragic circumstances.

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