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It was the one year anniversary of the inauguration of President Donald Trump which brought plenty of news out of the United States. To discuss these latest developments joining us for the third week in a row is Deputy Editor of The Unshackled and Host of Front and Center Emilio Garcia who is still on holiday in Mexico.

Donald Trump celebrated one year in office by talking up his achievements of improved economic conditions in the nation and the destruction of ISIS overseas. He also sought to remind the people of America of the dishonesty of the mainstream media during his Presidency by having the first ever Fake News Awards. His constant criticism of the media has led them to accuse him of threatening free speech however part of free speech is that other people will criticize you. CNN and the New York Times are still allowed to say whatever they want without fear the government will shut them down.

It was also the anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington with the feminists of America again wearing their pussy hats and raging about usual grievances and claiming somehow it is all Trump’s fault. They bizarrely incorporated the #metoo movement which emerged as a result of the liberal Hollywood men engaging in sexual misconduct which was covered up by feminist actresses. Trump is the least responsible person for all of this and these feminists have more to fear from liberal men on their own side.

The US Government also had a brief shutdown related disagreements between the Trump Administration, Republicans and Democrats over the future of illegal aliens in the United States. This is despite the Republicans having the Presidency, House and Senate. Trump is not ruling out deporting second and third generation children of illegal aliens covered by DACA as a negotiation chip as he tries to secure funding for the southern border wall. Democrats believe they can hold off granting any concessions to Trump until the mid-term elections however they caved in reasonably quickly after they were promised Senate debate on their DREAM Act which Trump hailed as a victory.

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