Victoria’s Crime Statistics Agency Revises Down Sudanese Crime Figures


With Victoria’s African Youth Gang Crime Wave dominating the political discourse during the summer period there has been much attention given to the crime figures which can be broken down by country of origin.

The crime statistics quoted in the media and including on the Unshackled stated that those born in Sudan despite only making up 0.1% of Victoria’s state population were responsible for 1.4% of all alleged offences in the state in the year ending September 2017.

On Monday Victoria’s Crime Statistics Agency issued a correction on their website and revised down the percentage figure of offences committed by Sudanese born from 1.4% to 1% in year ending September 2017.

They stated this was due to an error from a federal parliamentary report titled ‘No one teaches you to become an Australian’ from the Joint Committee on Migration’s Inquiry into Migrant Settlement Outcomes handed down in December 2017.

During the compiling of the report the committee relied on evidence given by the Chief Statistician of the Crime Statistics Agency. Although the number of offences committed by those born in Sudan is correct there was an error in converting that to a percentage figure.

It is not the type of error you want in a government report and sure enough those on the left trying to play down Victoria’s crime crisis believe that this error was part of a racist conspiracy by the federal government to demonize the African community.

Greens Senator Nick McKim (who lives in Tasmania) told the New Daily, which is a news website funded and published by union backed industry super funds that the error “confirms the profound dishonesty and underlying racism of the Liberal Party’s attacks on migrant children” even going as far to say, “The inquiry was never more than a fig leaf with a predetermined outcome, so they could continue to victimise non-white people”.

Of course, leftists like McKim believe that this error is the gotcha moment that disproves entirely the concern in the Victorian community about African youth gang crime. 1% is still less than 1.4% but it still means that the offences being committed by those born in Sudan are still significantly overrepresented when compared to their percentage of the total state population.

It should also be clarified this was the only correction the Crime Statistics Agency issued. It did not dispute that in Victoria people in born in Sudan were responsible for 3% of serious assaults, 2% of non-aggravated burglaries, 5% of motor vehicle thefts and 8.6% of aggravated burglaries.

It should also be noted still that these figures only include those offenders who were born in Sudan, it does not account for second or third generation Sudanese-Australians.

The revised down percentage doesn’t mean that all of the violent crimes committed in Victoria over the holiday period by men described as being of African appearance did not happen. It also does not mean there are less victims of home invasions and car jackings who are now too scared to go out at night or even sleep in their own beds.

If the left thinks this calculation error has won them the argument and concern about African gang crime will just evaporate that is simply ludicrous. Violent crimes will continue to be committed in Victoria and the victims will continue to pile up. The corrected statistics still paint a disturbing picture about the disproportionate amount of crime that is coming from those who have migrated from Sudan. But it seems we are still far away from the stage of implementing solutions when one side of politics still refuses to even admit there is a problem.

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