Some groups’ rights are more sacred than others. We have seen this play out in Australia and New Zealand this week: all citizens should be treated the same, but not in the age of identity and grievance politics. Tim and Diewue discuss the effects of this modern phenomenon in the latest episode of Trans Tasman Talk.

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Climbing Australia’s most famous natural landmark, Ayers Rock, is now banned. We are told climbing it is culturally insensitive to the indigenous peoples, but the original Uluru family did not believe so. This was more another case of the indigenous elites, assisted by the left, desiring a new excuse to tell off white people.

The spy state continues to creep ever larger. In Australia, a Joint Parliamentary Committee has recommended facial recognition legislation be rewritten. This is due to fears of other government agencies, when combined, having the de-facto power to track all Australian citizens’ movements.

Round two of New Zealand’s gun control legislation is before the Parliament. It would provide the police with the power to decide who is fit and proper to own firearms. But the legislation is unraveling, with cooler heads now back together post the Christchurch massacre.

Ministers in both nations have found themselves in embarrassing incidents. In Australia, Energy Minister Angus Taylor provided the Daily Telegraph with a doctored City of Sydney travel expenses report. In New Zealand, Police Minister Stuart Nash was driving his car illegally for two months.


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