White South Africans No Longer Citizens


The persecution and genocide against White South Africans continues to escalate without any international condemnation or mainstream media attention.

The left in the west believe the persecution of White South Africans is an alt-right conspiracy. Or that whites in South Africa are getting what they deserve due to their benefiting from previous racial segregation policy of Apartheid in South Africa in place from 1948 until the 1990s.

White South African farmers have felt greatest impact of this persecution with a violent farm attack occurring every week in South Africa. 72 farmers murdered in 2017, with 400 farm attacks in total.

These farm attacks are particularly violent and involving bashing farmers to a bloodied pulp, and torturing them using methods such as dunking them in boiling water.

This violent persecution of white South African farmers has led to a push in western nations including Australia that they should be accepted as refugees in a special humanitarian intake.

Last year new South African President Cyril Ramaphosa spearheaded a proposed constitutional law change which would allow the government to evict white farmers out of their homes and procure their land without any compensation.

A year later the offical transfer of farmlands from white property owners is now underway with advertisements placed for applications to lease state farms. The application requirements state that one must be a South African citizen, which they define as African, Coloured or Indian.


Whites have already been discriminated against for many years in South Africa’s labour laws, in the name of affirmative action. But the wording of this application excluding whites as proper citizens of South Africa takes discrimination against them to a new level.

The reason the world opposed Apartheid in South Africa was because members of different races in the nation did not have the same civil rights. It would seem today nothing has changed, just the races have been reversed.

But because it is now whites being discriminated against, persecuted and murdered there is not the same international condemnation there was for the policy of Apartheid.

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