Nivea: Latest to be Bullied By the Rainbow Warrior Brigade


The Rainbow Warriors and their sheep across the world are currently focusing their rage on Nivea. Why, because allegedly during a advertisement pitch from New York based ad agency “Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB) to Nivea, an executive rejected the advertisement which showed two men holding hands by responding “We don’t do gay”.

Now if true the executive at Nivea could probably have used a little more tact in their conversations but the response to the comment is quite amazing. The advertising firm decided to no longer work with Nivea, walking away from their take of a staggering 400 million worth of advertising revenue that Nivea invest each year. The conversation between Nivea executives and employees of FCB was sensationally leaked, suggesting an inside job, considering that the advertising executive who pitched the idea was gay. You have to ask did he leak the conversation?

Now the response all across the world is for the Rainbow Warriors and their sheep to call for a worldwide boycott. People are furiously posting video’s of themselves chucking out Nivea products and supporting the boycott.

The whole situation is a critical reminder of the work going on behind the scenes to push the LGBTI lifestyle on to everyone and anyone. Why is it that every corporation now needs to fly the rainbow flag, that so many advertisements now need to focus on the LGBTI community and that Hollywood is turning into one giant rainbow love fest.

Why is it so wrong that Nivea wishes to represent their brand in a wholesome light and not go down the path of appeasing the Rainbow Warriors. Are we now living in a society where the majority are gay and the minority are now heterosexuals. No this is not the case, but the way everything is now you would not be wrong for thinking that heterosexuality is in the minority.

There is no doubt that the way the Nivea executive made the comment was not the best way to represent his brand, but even if the executive had of put it in a more politically correct way such as “We do not wish for Nivea to be represented in our commercials by a gay couple” then the outcome would have been exactly the same.

So what we have here are businesses and individuals being forced with a theoretical gun to their heads to declare their support in excessive ways of the LGBTI community.

Failure to do so will see the business die a painful social death at the hands of the rainbow warriors and if your an individual they will come after you, your career and your family. Just look at Israel Folau.

It’s their way or face their wrath and eternal condemnation. The new God of a lost Generation is now the Rainbow Flag, bow down before it or forever be damned.

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