Did you know that the people of Western Australia voted to leave Australia in 1933? But it this never happened. Why?

This is because democracy is a scam, we don’t have a say in what laws are passed and how our government is run. The public relations promotional line that our vote counts and democracy is the best is rubbish.

We don’t have a say, and when we vote for a politician whom we believe is good for us and our country, the people who secretly manipulate the democratic system (thus the people who encourage this terrible system) just rig the election so that their political puppet wins. Democracy is the crappiest political system in the world. What we have is a fake democracy.

Switzerland has a real democracy where the people actually do get a vote on proposed laws. The only time I can remember Australians had a vote on any law was that on same-sex marriage in 2017. And I bet you they only allowed this people’s vote to take place because they knew same-sex marriage was going to win.

How our current representative democracy operates is lawyers who become politicians stand up in our nation’s capital and decide changes to our laws. They accept bribes from the mega-rich or corporations (in the form of campaign contributions), they do not do what’s best for us or what we want. So we have no say.

The international corporations also offer bribes to the accepting lawyer/politician for their vote in parliament to send manufacturing jobs to China without any care for Australia’s future. This is bad for us, but good for them who can pay cheaper wages over there, and it’s good for the politician as he now can more easily get re-elected. See how the democratic system is easily corrupted?

We don’t get a vote, only a sleazy smooth-talking money-loving lawyer salesman pretending to represent us does. It’s a terrible system and most of the time the politicians just argue amongst each other about the details of spending on a silly leftist government program.

If a fish and chip shop was run like how we run our country you would end up getting someone else order after having waited for three hours while the staff argued behind the counter. That’s the truth about our “noble” democratic system.

It’s system by the way which the anglo american alliance has been forcing onto many other countries across the world. Of course a good nationalistic politician resisting this inferior system just gets labelled a crazy dictator by them. But that’s all just fake news as usual.

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