Victorian Crime Update


Victoria’s annual crime statistics were released on Thursday. The overall reduction in the crime rate of 6.2% was spun by the Andrews State Government and the mainstream media as a positive development and that reports of a crime wave hitting Victoria were fake news.

Of course, if anyone delved into the crime statistics in detail it revealed that violent crime categories had actually increased. However it took no less than 24 hours for this spin that Victoria was actually safer to completely unravel. This was due to two major brawls that occurred in metropolitan Melbourne.

The highest profile one was at St Kilda Beach early Thursday morning where a large gang of African appearance allegedly bashed and robbed beachgoers as well as fighting with each other. The violence was captured on camera by witnesses and police were vastly outnumbered. These youths are also wanted over a series of robberies and assaults around the beach area on Wednesday night.

The second brawl occurred at a park on Hoddle Street in Collingwood on Friday afternoon. This involved two groups of people around 20 in total with one being hit by a baseball bat, police who arrived at scene used pepper spray to break up the brawl. No vision of the brawl has been captured and no arrests were made. Police have said it was a mixed group of people.

No members of the Victorian public should have to endure incidents like this occurring when they are simply going about their daily business. No amount of rose coloured statistics can take away that these public acts of violence are occurring very frequently.

Not a weekend goes by in Melbourne where there is not a report of violent crime occurring in Melbourne’s streets, often unprovoked. Who could forget last weekend a man was killed by a machete wielding African gang in Braybrook. A student was also beaten by two separate gangs outside a housing commission in Flemington on Monday and had to be rushed to hospital.

As we have seen in the age of smartphones the full horror of these incidents is being captured and shown to all Victorians. The Victorian State Government should certainly not be patting itself on the back for the recent crime statistics and instead implement tougher policing and justice policies without fear of being called racist or accused of running a police state.

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