Victorian Crime Dystopia – Youth Gang Attacks Return


We have written frequently on The Unshackled about the problem of violent crime and a lack of justice in the state of Victoria. Crime frequency spikes have occurred during the past three Melbourne summers, but it is a social crisis the state is still dealing with.

Below is the next in a series of articles exploring a particular aspect of Victoria’s violent crime problem and the inadequate law and order response.

During Victoria’s coronavirus lockdown and house arrest, you were only allowed to be outside of your home in the company of one other person and it had to be for one of four essential reasons.

There was much satire at the time that home invasions and gang attacks could now only be limited to two members. But now that 20 people are allowed to gather outside Melbourne’s gangs have now found it easier to roam around freely and return to terrorizing residents in Melbourne’s gang hotspots.

Southern Cross Station Gang Assault

A sickening gang attack occurred on Sunday at Melbourne’s Southern Cross train station against a 16-year-old white girl. Video of the attack was uploaded to Snapchat shows eight girls of African appearance involved where the girl is punched and kicked

The snapchat was uploaded to Facebook by a friend of the victim’s mother Angie King who expressed her anger and frustration at the lack of media coverage of this gang attack.

The girl’s mother Michelle Anderson posted a photo of her injuries which are broken ribs, a fractured cheekbone and bruising to her back, stomach and legs.


Another friend of the victim’s mother Tracy Archer has organised a gofundme to cover medical expenses, physiological therapy and self-defence classes for her friend’s daughter. It only had a $5k fundraising target but has now raised in excess of $40k in 2 days

Victoria Police have stated they cannot lay charges or investigate the assault unless the victim makes a statement. Her mother says her daughter is currently too terrified to talk with police for fear of retribution from her attackers.

Deer Park Fatal Stabbing

On Tuesday afternoon 15 year old boy died after another sickening gang attack outside Brimbank Shopping Centre at Deer Park in Melbourne’s West. Solo Taufeulungaki was fatally stabbed and six teenagers were charged in relation to his stabbing death on Wednesday afternoon. The teens are in custody and will soon appear at the Children’s Court according to police.

Solomone’s family attend the local Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and told reporters in accordance with their faith“love” and “forgive” those who allegedly killed their son and their wish was “We don’t want any justice, we want our son back home”.

These two sickening youth gang attacks on Melbourne teenagers in a space of a week, one fatal demonstrate that Melbourne’s Youth Gang Crime Wave has still not been crushed and if the Victorian Government and Police continue to be inept a fourth wave is all but certain in the 2020-21 summer.

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