On my travels in Austin, Texas I stumbled upon a bunch of Ukrainians upset about Putin’s invasion of their homeland. I got to speak with many of them and hear their point of view. Watch the video below.

Recently Ukrainians all over the world have been protesting the invasion by demanding further sanctions against Russia by the international community and military assistance for their beloved Ukraine. They said they are willing to fight till death, risking their lives for their homeland, a place Putin is keen on acquiring.

It appears that Ukraine’s military cannot beat Russia and that this war might come down to the negotiation table. And I think that’s for the best. We all need to saves lives and the infrastructure of Ukraine. The locals don’t deserve this. Sometimes you have to admit that fighting is useless and personally I think they should negotiate their way out of this tricky situation.

Regular protests from Ukrainians have been occuring. They are in dire straits. At the moment Russian troops are just outside Kiev, which I’m sure they could easily take right now if they wanted to. It appears that Russia wants this invasion to be as peaceful as possible and is holding off for the negotiation table.

Ukraine’s military is not defeating the invasion, it’s being postponed. Peace must be negotiated. Belarus (a nearby nation) has chosen to do what Russia wants, thus they avoided any military conflict and I think that the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy needs to back down and save lives, and copy off what Belarus did.

I believe there is anti-Russian racism going on in Ukraine, and that’s why they want nothing to do with the Russian Empire. Coming together is the best way to solve this problem. Ukraine is a tricky area because it has many Russians living in it and it appears that foreign interests are seizing the nation and potentially causing problems for Russia, thus Russia sees these foreign interests as potential threats to their national security and feel they need to seize this land as soon as possible.

This is just my opinion of it and these Ukrainians seem to pass off the conspiracy theories of Ukraine being a puppet of American interests as lies. I think these theories need to be taken seriously and I think that Russia knows that they are not just theories therefore had to take such drastic action to protect their homeland by ordering this invasion. These things have been years in the planning.

Alcohol stores all over the world have been banning the sale of Russian Vodka and severe sanctions have been placed on the nation for this invasion. Let’s hope that the Russian people are not affected by this much and it’s totally unfair that any should be made economically poor due to their country’s military decisions that you have nothing to do with. If I was Russian I’d be angry. Maybe sanction the Russian Government but leave the independent citizens alone.

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