The US Government has known about aliens and UFOs since at least the 1940s. US Military agencies have come across these unusual flying machines many times during routine patrols. They chose to keep these sightings a secret from the public and from most of the people working in the military and government. It has only been a very tiny amount of people in the military and government who have been briefed on the alien subject. But just because it’s not talked about much in mainstream circles does not mean it does not exist. It’s simply a subject that the public is not allowed to know about, thus we don’t get any politicians talking about Martians in campaign speeches and there are no school textbooks mentioning how the NASA Apollo Missions to the moon actually visited ancient aliens structures there.

The UFO subject has been a no-go area for public discussion, and they have made the rules that way. Though what we do get is lots of conspiracy talk and rumours on the internet as to what is actually going on in the skies and space. Although the US Government has to date kept this topic secret, they are also slowly helping to expose the truth about it too. It seems that they don’t just want to hit us with the truth in one day, maybe it would shock too many people, so instead they are engaging in a long-term raising of awareness program.

We have movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which had government assistance in the writing of it, and many other UFO movies which have helped make the public aware of extraterrestrial ideas and theories. They have got us used to the idea of beings from other planets. In 1989 Bob Lazar came out of the closet and admitted that he worked as a government scientist in a secret military base. He said that he was hired to try and understand how UFOs fly and he was shown a UFO and got to walk inside one. His story is legit, many scientists have been lucky enough to work on UFOs, it is just that we don’t get to hear about their stories because as I said earlier, the subject is not for public disclosure. But in Bob Lazars case why did we end up finding out? How did he get away with telling us? Well after looking into his whole experience with the government it appears that they wanted him to expose the truth about this subject. It was all intentional on their part, they hired a guy who was at risk of leaking his experiences to the media, and they knew so, and that’s why they hired him in the first place.

They wanted a rumour about UFOs to leak to the public as a part of their slow raising of awareness program. Similar to how they helped Stephen Spielberg with Close Encounters of the Third Kind, they helped create the Bob Lazar we know today. This blew the lid off of Area 51, and recently they did it again with the Storm Area 51 event which strangely had mainstream media backing, but of course it’s not strange when you know what they are doing. They want us to know about this secret underground facility, and they wanted us to know ever since they opened up other facilities in other locations which they could move to, convenient timing? I think not. They knew and know now that it’s time for us to find out about these things but theyl only do it very very slowly and begin with rumours. One day they will come clean about the UFO subject, and when they do we wont be too surprised because we’ve all heard the rumours anyway.

Recently the government who controls the mainstream media has made more stories about UFOs appear on TV, for example the tic tac toe UFO footage and so it appears that they have decided that we are allowed to know even more about this subject these days. Just like what happened with Bob Lazar coming out in 1989, we are at a new level of disclosure so are finding out even more. They have been controlling this drip feeding since the 19050s, and as they increase the amount of feed we will get closer and closer to the truth. But because it is being done in such a slow way it wont be that exciting sadly.

The UFO fans who are calling for full government disclosure on this subject are unlikely to get anywhere but at least eventually they will get what they want. Give it 100 years, seriously. If they didnt let us know anything, then I would have no hope for us ever finding out the truth, but because it does appear that they are letting the truth come out a little, then we have hope that one day it will be a simple fact that UFOs and aliens exist and it will be told at school and disclosure would have happened. But its just that my guess is that it will take a long amount of time to get to this stage and everyone will already believe the rumours by that time anyway, so it wont be exciting.

But there is a whole other possibility, and that is that the government will come clean on the alien subject is a sudden way, but feed us lies about it to create a panic in order to manipulate us in some sort of way. And given that our government is so shifty and constantly lies and tries to manipulate us, I think this scenario has a high probability. Possibly a fake alien invasion. They could create an emergency in regards to it, like we are being invaded or something, and then demand certain actions or rights from us.

But as the government seems to be fully occupied with another mass manipulating event at the moment, I think that if this form of UFO disclosure is used it would be years until they do it. Either way it’s lots of waiting, and as there isn’t signs of a complete coverup things are looking good for the disclosure movement. The truth is out there, and they are helping it be out there, though in a very limited way.

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Andy Nolch is the producer and host of KNOWLEDGE REPORT. He exposes leftist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the socialist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.
Andy Nolch is the producer and host of KNOWLEDGE REPORT. He exposes leftist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the socialist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.