How come the virus never infects people who would never get a test? How come cases are only from people who get tested? Surely others must be in the community? How come they don’t spread it? None of this makes any sense like it’s a set narrative, that is still being made up on the run – and it’s increasingly nonsensical.

Untested people must have had it and spread it – to zero effect as far as we can tell. A large part of the community would never have the test – but cases only exist after the dodgy PCR test. That’s totally suspicious. Often the virus, if it’s even real and different to seasonal flu – must go undetected, a lot of the time really – do the odds – as only a small group of people are tested each day 50,000 or so in a city of millions. How come they haven’t spread it like wildfire? All the untested positive people?

Cases only exist – and come and go after the stupid test and the news media and government spout their dictates and official numbers and whatever’s. It’s a Manipulation. I bet Covid has been free in Australia for a year / whatever it is – it must have been – and hardly anyone noticed. Again this is a control Psyop for the 100th time. Why doesn’t the mainstream news cover this angle?

The main feeling is and it’s growing is all this hysteria and lockdown rubbish is the real damage!!! A mad push for some experimental vaccine ( and banning effective therapeutics!) has been totally unnecessary. And shooting yourselves – ourselves in the foot. The main effect of Covid down under has been financial damage from Lockdowns – and Covid or even China didn’t do that! – our dodgy and long time corrupted by global elites governments did.

Look at Florida which has been open for the past year. The state has better than many Democrat cities or regions or where numbers can be more easily be doctored and everyone is locked down. There are 1000 holes in this Covid thing – but hardly any mainstream media investigation of the fiasco outside a few right-wing media hubs – who dare to ask the odd logical or difficult and or uncomfortable question. Why? It’s the story of the century the truth behind this. But I think we know why…

The term itself lockdown is a corrections industry terminology – it’s what is done in jails as prisoners get a little too frisky and rebellious – are we all prisoners? Who of? This totalitarianism is unheard of – out of this world – and totally scandalous for what amounts to a bad flu and we just swallow the next cup of top-down control and manipulation- glass after glass – it could be hemlock. Something else is going on and it ain’t good.

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