Communism is actually the political idea that governments should have total control of their citizens all the time because free people are a bad thing for the world. They must be controlled for the betterment of the world is what modern communists believe. People who think this are actually mentally ill and they have the illness called Sociopathy. This mental illness involves hatred and fear of people in general, people they don’t even know!

Basically, sociopaths have gone crazy and see everyone as enemies or as being dangerous to them. Therefore these screwed-up-minded people thought up the idea of communism as a political theory so that the masses of people they hate and are scared of are under perfect control by the government all the time, thus leaving them feeling safe and good finally.

Sociopaths invented communism and other sociopaths support it because that’s how they want the world to be. In fact, it’s the new world they want and it’s the only world that they can feel safe in. Sociopathy isn’t like schizophrenia, you don’t need to be in a psych ward if you suffer from it. You don’t bang your head against walls. They can appear just as normal people. You can be out there living your life as a sufferer and because the mental health system is a complete joke you can never get diagnosed with it!

There’s an emphasis on anxiety and depression in psychology but they really don’t mention much about sociopathy, basically, people suffering from being evil, because that’s what it is. Every sociopath does evil things. They don’t have a heart for others, only hate. So communism is the political philosophy of evil people. These people can be dumb or smart, losers or successful.

What’s happening in the world right now is that untreated sociopaths in high-up leadership roles are pushing their communist ideas onto us. They are influencing our politicians, they are our politicians too, they are on boards of directors of corporations and they are taking over local councils. They are in the World Health Organisation and world banks and other world organizations like the UN. Basically, mentally ill people are taking over our earth and are changing our governments into communist-type governments. This is what communists have been dreaming of for years.

These globalists are using covid as one big program to implement a new 21st-century version of communism. The pandemic is a convenient excuse to trick fellow leaders into implementing communist ideas which normally they wouldn’t get away with. They are tricking the general public into going along with their own enslavement and they are tricking politicians who are not sociopaths to go along with it because ‘we must it’s a pandemic!’

It’s a clever program and it shows just how much they desire full control of everyone all the time. It must feel terrible to have this illness, imagine feeling super scared and angry all the time. They are probably so used to feeling like this that they don’t even know they are mentally ill at all.

We all must resist these sick communists and learn how to spot them. They can be great public speakers and salesmen but the best way to spot them is to see what they are pushing or asking for. Is it more control over people? Then they are communists and must be resisted. If they succeed we will be like Winston from George Orwell’s 1984 novel. That’s a perfectly controlled and safe communist society that these communists want for us. That’s their dream and utopia. And it’s terrible for normal non-mentally ill people. So we have nothing to lose in trying. We must fight this all the way and have fun with it.

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