The Unshackled covered the Australian Pride March that was hosted by the True Blue Crew in Melbourne this Sunday 25th June 2017. In free country such as Australia any group of people should be able to hold a public demonstration free from intimidation, harassment and the possibility of being violently attacked. Sadly, that is not the nation we currently live in.

The purpose of the Pride March was to defend Australia’s national pride, heritage, culture and way of life which is now constantly under attack from leftists and other regressive elements. It also aims to highlight the problems Australia faces from their destructive agenda. It was to express a love of country, to make sure that it remains safe and prosperous.

But in Australia and especially in Melbourne, we have a professional crew of far left socialist troublemakers who were determined to disrupt what would otherwise have been a peaceful march by any means necessary. Thankfully Victoria Police were out in force to keep the march on the whole peaceful.

Mainstream media outlets have led with the headline ‘Anti-racism and right-wing protesters clash in Melbourne CBD’. That is fake news right there, the headline should be violent socialists clash with police while trying to violently attack those they disagree with. We were there filming and observing the march from the patriot side and we would like to tell the real story of today.

The march started at 11.30am though we arrived early at Carlton Gardens at 9.30am. The patriots were easy to find as they were carrying Australian flags and wearing Australian flag branded clothes. Police were already out in force at that hour and when I approached the group I was patted down and had my camera bag searched.

There was already media present and a few of the patriots noticed I had a camera and asked where I was from. I brought along Unshackled business cards and flyers and told them about our website. A few had heard of us before and knew we were a sympathetic media outlet. They apologised for any hostility in their initial question as they explained they had grown tired of the mainstream media always misrepresenting them at these events.

I introduced myself to the True Blue Crew, I observed them liaising with the police in a friendly and co-operative manner, both parties wanted a peaceful march. The socialists turned up at 10am, with their unoriginal chants of ‘Nazi scum off our streets’. They were quite confused at times as they declared these were ‘our streets’ yet then stated ‘always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

It was also interested to note that none of the patriots claimed to be Nazis yet the socialists claimed it is people like them who were responsible for the slaughter of 6 million people in the Holocaust. Yet these people are proud socialists, an ideology which killed 100 million people in the last century and they are unfazed by that.

Close to when the march was scheduled to start the famous Blair Cottrell from the United Patriots Front showed up to help lead the march. My assistant for the day and I decided to introduce ourselves and explain we were from The Unshackled. It was interesting during our brief chat with Blair we observed that he was really personable close up and actually well informed of both domestic and international politics.

As the march began I observed the patriots switch gears from a friendly brotherly demeanour they had had for most of the morning to immediately giving it back to the socialists who were abusing them. None of them ever challenged the socialists to a fight or tried to charge at them, but certainly made clear how lowly they thought of them.

The leaders of march made sure it proceeded to Spring Street (where Victoria’s Parliament is located) in an orderly fashion which kept everyone safe and that they observed police direction. Several of the socialists tried to make a charge at the patriots but police had enough numbers to stop them in their tracks.

Then followed speeches at the steps of parliament house. All the speakers emphasized that the rally was about being proud of being Australian, which had nothing to do with race and that skin colour didn’t matter. They of course expressed their concerns with the current immigration program and the increase in crime and terrorism. What they wanted to achieve was to stop the current shame attracted to being proud of your country and calling yourself a patriot.

Once speeches had concluded the march went back to Carlton Gardens where the march officially ended. But it wasn’t as simple as the crowd simply dispersing and everyone going their separate ways. The socialists were determined to claim their so-called Nazi scalps and the True Blue were easily recognisable. So, under police escort they had to walk around Melbourne’s CBD for nearly 45 minutes in the hope that the socialists would eventually give up following them and get back to their miserable lives.

They were safe by the time they arrived at Federation Square where they could finally relax and enjoy a drink and bite to eat. By this time, we were able to interview the leader of True Blue Crew Kane. Contrary to the cartoonish version of them that appears in the mainstream media all he really wants is for Australia to be a cohesive society. One where we are friendly to our neighbours and we all take pride in our community. After the interview concluded it was satisfying that we had provided him the opportunity to put forth his purpose for holding the march free from any misrepresentation.

When I got home later today I saw the footage the mainstream media had obtained. All of the scenes of aggression and hostility came from the socialist side. Since I was filming on the patriot side my footage could be described as quite mundane and dull. But news reports falsely claimed that both sides clashed and were equally as aggressive.

The only reason traffic was blocked off is because the socialists decided to hold a violent counter rally. I bet they wouldn’t like right wing groups interrupting their refugee and marriage equality rallies. They have no sense of mutual respect. They view their opponents as evil and bigoted.

In all honestly the numbers of the patriot side were quite low, only around 100. Which just shows that the leftist intimidation and stigma attached to the patriot label deterred a lot of people from coming. It was also interesting that people in cars that were being blocked by the march were largely supportive of the patriots.

We at The Unshackled are glad we were able to report on what really happened and counter the fake mainstream media stories. Video highlights of the march as well as interviews we conducted with attendees will be posted in the coming days.

Author Details
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.