Pyne tapes reveal Liberal party run by leftist faction, gay marriage to come “sooner than everyone thinks”


Andrew Bolt has gained access to a secret recording where Christopher Pyne makes damning revelations that confirm the leftist drift of the Liberal Party. The Defence Industry Minister states that legislation on same sex marriage is to be introduced “sooner than everyone thinks”, which draws further attention on the degeneration of the party witnessed by Australians since recent times.

The recording, first reported in the Daily Telegraph, exposes comments made by Pyne during a reception that occurred after the Liberal Council dinner on Friday in Sydney’s Star Casino. These comments are expected to cause further dysfunction within an already turbulent party, exacerbating the left-right division that runs rampant within.

During the event, Pyne states that, with regards to policies, “one of those we’ve got to deliver before too long is marriage equality in this country”. He appears confident about the eventual materialisation of same sex marriage: “We’re going to get it. I think it might even be sooner than everyone thinks. And your friends in Canberra are working on that outcome.”

This raises questions as to whether the Liberal government will keep its election promises regarding same sex marriage. Legislation was only supposed to be introduced after holding a plebiscite so as to give Australians the opportunity to make a democratic decision on the issue. With the overturning of the plebiscite by Labor and the Greens, it would be completely dishonourable for Malcolm Turnbull to introduce legislation without keeping his promises.

Interestingly, Attorney-General George Brandis, who opposes same sex marriage and supported a plebiscite, was also present during the event. His reaction to Pyne’s comments are not yet known. Pyne does mention that George Brandis, along with others who are “very senior ministers in a Turnbull government”, after stating that “I would say that our fortunes are pretty good at the moment”.

The event was seemingly dominated by left-wing or moderate Liberal Party members, including Tony Abbott’s sister Christine Forster. Forster, herself openly lesbian, is an ardent supporter of same sex marriage and is famous for opposing her brother for his views on the issue.

Pyne’s comments are further rendered alarming by the fact that it draws light on the Liberal Party’s leftist drift. It provides further evidence of the power held by the left faction in the party, as seen in “your friends in Canberra are working on [same sex marriage]”. His celebration over Malcolm Turnbull’s rise to power in “Two years ago, Malcolm Turnbull was the communications minister and now he’s the prime minister”, further implies the left faction’s domination.

If indeed same sex marriage legislation is introduced to parliament without a plebiscite, the Liberal Party will bring more misery upon itself. Australians were promised the opportunity to have a say regarding this pivotal issue, and if they are denied this chance, then the party will lose the peoples support, which it marginally holds over Labor. The left faction, along with Malcolm Turnbull, will be to blame for the degenerate inflicted upon a party that was meant to support conservative policies.

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