I’ve got my little heater on, I’m wearing pants and a jumper. Its summer in Melbourne now. I remember a time when the summer here was hot all the time, not anymore. I work outdoors, I notice the weather and I’m telling you it definitely ain’t getting hotter. We are supposed to be in the scary future Al Gore spoke about, but the coastal sea levels are still the same, the only thing that’s really changed is that it’s colder.

I actually believe in climate change, but it’s not changing to a hotter world, but to a colder one. Each year I’ve noticed it getting colder. In 2013 I was contemplating never buying work pants again and just wearing shorts all the time. But then as it got colder more and more outside of the Australian winter season I started buying more and more work pants. Now I’m wearing pants and jumpers in summer. This is ridiculous.

Global cooling was a thing in the 70s with scientists warning of a pending ice age. But then suddenly the “scientists” switched to global warming which is now called climate change and have been brainwashing us with it since. This is the global warming hoax we are still living under and has resulted in governments closing down our coal industries.

I believe that the original prediction of a global cooling period was correct. I’ve visited many places over the world in the past few years and I’ve been monitoring the weather there and these places are experiencing colder weather too.

So the ABC and other mainstream media outlets are telling us massive whoppers when they say it’s getting hotter and every year is the hottest on record. Not only is it not getting hotter, it’s getting colder! Makes me wonder what other major worldwide lies they are trying scare us with at the moment. Cough cough.

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