The Confronting Truth of Mass Abortion


The United Nations in 1948 defined genocide as: deliberate and systemic destruction of a group defined by another group as: undesirable, unwanted and depriving that group of its existence.

That definition certainly applies to abortion. The practice of mass abortion is a confronting fact, but it’s the truth. The unborn are being killed in an elaborate network of killing centers. The class of the victim is the unwanted. In Nazi Germany it was the ungentile, in the United States it was because blacks were non-white, in Cambodia, it was the educated class.

Ben Shapiro, the conservative speaker and writer in the United States said, “if abortion pictures are ugly, you should do something about it.” With a click of a button on the internet abortion will be engrained in your memory. The photographic evidence exposes the brutal reality of abortion.

Image from Centre for Bioethical Reform

Abortion is a savage act of violence. When people are forced to view what abortion actually is the mask is lifted. The pro-choice advocates will try any method at its disposal to hide the truth.

Image from Centre for Bioethical Reform

They claim the pictures are fake or they are doctored and photoshopped. Some will even say hate speech. Martin Luther King said, “America will not reject racism until it sees racism.”

Photos of abortion victims humanize unborn children. Some call them pornographic. Pornography dehumanizes and objectifies. If abortion is so empowering and such a right choice, such images should inspire awe at the power of choice.

Instead, those who expose abortion are chastised. Exposing abortion for what it is helps people recognize the humanity of the pre-born, changes minds and allows women to grieve the loss of their child which the abortion industry says is just a reproductive right, a cluster of cells. If abortion is such the right idea, why do its supporters not want anyone to see what it looks like?

If abortion is medical care, why would an image of an abortion send them into a rage? It is because abortionists do not treat any disease and are not performing medical care. Abortionists treat nothing.

Matthew Walsh of the Daily Wire said, “Defile the altar of death upon which these people worship, and they will come at you with their fangs out.”

This is what abortion advocacy looks like with the mask off. An ugly, ugly creature indeed. Prominent abortionists readily admit they are killing babies. When asked if they have a problem with killing babies, they reply absolutely not. They say the baby has no input in any of this. They know that the women who seek their services are already mothers before they go into a clinic. They know the deliberate willful killing is not medically necessary for the mother.

The baby doesn’t get a say. The baby doesn’t matter. Abortion produces dead babies. Abortion exists because of the inconvenience of the human being growing in the womb. The truth is, “this unborn human being is a bother to me.” They say, “we can wipe them out if we want to, to make things more comfortable and easier for our lives.”

When a vulnerable group get in their way of their liberation and freedom they say they are not human to justify taking their lives. Those who murdered Jews and blacks in the past denied the personhood of their victims just as vehemently as supporters and practitioners of abortion do today.

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