Sydney’s Worldwide Freedom Rally Plus the Aussie Cossack’s Campaign


The Worldwide Freedom Rally for 2022 in Sydney had a notable attendee with many supporters carrying placards of him: Simeon Boikov also known as the Aussie Cossack and I say good on him. I was lucky enough to be in Sydney to film the rally and it was a great promotional stunt as he transition from a Youtube star to an aspiring politician.

He’s promising freedom for the citizens of Strathfield, an area of western Sydney which was hit hard by the NSW Government lockdowns last year. For whatever reason, the government decided that this area needed Melbourne-style strict lockdowns with a curfew while the eastern suburbs of Sydney was left alone (probably because the western suburbs had low vaccine rates thus needed increased scare tactics and coersion).

The now famous Simeon is an independent candidate for the upcoming state by-election for the seat of Strathfield and is being supported by the United Australia Party with leader Craig Kelly MP speaking at the rally as well.

Although the attendance of the freedom rally was down when compared to the massive one in November last year it was a successful event and had great vibes. Melbourne’s Freedom Rally attendance was also down and their theme was the Djokovic scandal where they rallied out the front of The Australian Open.

The message of the rallies in this election year is wherever you are vote for a candidate that stands for freedom and who is not Labor, Liberal, or the Greens. We know who the anti-freedom communists so let’s stay away from them. These continued rallies wake more people up and break and control of the communists in our country.

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