Sarah Hanson-Young Apologizes to Ray Hadley for Interview Smear


Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has been forced to apologize to 2GB radio host Ray Hadley over comments she falsely attributed to Hadley about Julia Gillard in an interview she gave to 3AW’s Neil Mitchell on Tuesday.

Hanson-Young claimed during the interview that female politicians are subject to more vicious attacks than their male counterparts” and referenced the famous ditch the witch signs about Julia Gillard alleging that Hadley had approved of them “The things that Ray Hadley said about Julia Gillard, he’s never said about male Prime Ministers”.

Hadley sought through his lawyers a clarification and apology from both Hanson-Young and his Melbourne Macquaire Radio Network colleague Neil Mitchell who did not challenge Hanson-Young’s accusation on air. Mitchell apologized to Hadley on air in an interview broadcast on 3AW.

Hadley’s dealings with Hanson-Young were made off air through lawyers and she issued a written apology stating she “regrets the error” which read:

“On Tuesday, 2 October 2018, I was interviewed by 3AW host Neil Mitchell.

During the course of the interview I associated Ray Hadley with gender-based comments and slogans used on placards outside of Parliament in reference to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Mr Mitchell indicated on air that he thought I had confused Mr Hadley with another presenter. Mr Mitchell was correct.

I regret the error, thank Mr Mitchell for bringing this to my attention and I apologise to Mr Hadley.”

Hadley accepted Hanson-Young’s apology but offered some words of advice. He urged Hanson-Young to better familiarize herself with proper facts mentioning when she confused the fictional Sea Patrol drama with the factual program Border Security during Senate Estimates and when she needed assistance from her Chief of Staff to detail the Greens superannuation policy in an interview on ABC Radio.

Hadley also refuted the claim that he is more harsh on female politicians stating he had been more savage on Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister than any other politician in recent years. Hadley said he is prepared to cop criticism for the things he’s said on air but will seek to correct the record when false claims are attributed to him.

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