Submissions to the Royal Commission into Veterans Suicides are finally open. If you would like to make a submission click on the link here. Be sure to talk about scumbag lefty journos targeting our boys as well as the social media censorship that has stopped veterans speaking out and defending themselves against traitors in our midst.

Below is a copy of my submission to give you all some ideas.

Millions of dollars have been and will continue to be spent on veterans’ mental health and rehabilitation due to physical & mental health ailments caused by our service. I’m sure hundreds of submissions will go in about long wait times for claims to be processed and other problems of this nature so I won’t add to this. I will however, bring to light another huge problem which is exacerbating thousands of veteran’s mental health problems. In my opinion this problem is huge and no politician seems to have the courage or will to do anything about it and there are several things they can do about it which I will elaborate on at the end of my submission.

Having been diagnosed myself with PTSD, having two veteran friends commit suicide and speaking to countless other veterans who also have PTSD, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that this problem has been the straw that has broken the camels back with many a veteran suicide.

The problem is:

1) The unscrupulous and insidious vitriol being slung at veterans by un-patriotic, far left-wing cowards in society
2)The disproportionate number of deceitful far left-wing journalists in the mainstream media doing the same
3) The leftist employees at social media companies like Facebook who have a massive amount of power to censor any opinion they don’t like in the public square using that power to target veterans. It happens more than you may think.

It is no secret and common knowledge that the majority of the defence force lean to the conservative side of the political aisle and are definitely NOT supporters of the immigration policies that our more left leaning governments have been pushing for, for decades.

Imagine how you would feel if you were one of the Tens of Thousands of veterans who have served in Islamic countries like Afghanistan or Iraq and you have taken it upon yourself to study what motivates extremist behaviour by studying the sacred Islamic texts in the Quran and Hadiths. You then discover that these abhorrent acts of evil you’ve witnessed are mandated and ordered in no un-certain terms in a so called ‘holy’ book you’ve been hearing for years is apparently ‘peaceful’ and tolerant!

Then after returning to our beloved country we hear the main stream media pushing a narrative that is blatantly lying to and deceiving millions of our fellow Australians into thinking that this religion is actually peaceful and that if anyone speaks out against this narrative they’re immediately tarred by leftist politicians and the leftist media as a racist, a bigot or even worse a Nazi!

Despite the Martin place siege in 2015, The Holsworthy plot in 2009, the Endeavour Hills stabbings in 2014, Parramatta Police station shooting in 2015, Minto stabbings in 2016, Queanbeyan stabbings in 2017, The Brighton siege in 2017 and many, many more Islamic terrorist attacks both successful and thwarted here in our beautiful country, we are forbidden from speaking out from our own learned experiences on this matter and when we do, we are shouted down, ignored or demeaned by the media, smeared by politicians and then booted off social media when we try to use the only avenue we have left to defend ourselves!

This is nothing new as returning veterans from Vietnam were also attacked and smeared by leftist radicals and journalists alike however, what is different now is the fact that social media giants like Facebook are regularly censoring, banning, de-platforming and outright deleting thousands of veterans everyday who try to set the record straight about issues they care about or defend themselves against these ugly smears and lies from leftist radicals.

Almost every veteran I know has been either banned or completely deleted by Facebook for expressing a political or religious view. Within one hour of the Australian federal elections being announced in 2019 at least ten of the most highly followed Facebook pages in Australia were completely deleted from their platform robbing millions of Australians and thousands of veterans the ability to share content and express their thoughts and frustrations about political issues.

Whilst Facebook bans and censors veterans on a regular basis for merely supporting a certain former U.S president or some Australian politicians with the same political mindset they will happily leave up a Facebook page titled “DIGGERS ARE DOLE BLUGGERS” despite thousands of complaints against it. This is just one of thousands of examples.

Every veteran I know has contacted politicians to try and get something done about it but they are routinely thrown into the too hard basket and given the same ridiculous excuse for not acting and that is “Facebook is a private company they can do what they want!”


We have discrimination laws in this country. Social media is now the public square of speech and expression. Imagine if Telstra or Optus cut off peoples phone service because they didn’t like what the customers were talking about? Unfortunately politicians in our country won’t act against these tyrants but if they actually cared about their constituents and/or the millions of veterans who’ve suffered for this country and our citizens right to express their views freely left or right, they would!

After all Poland is drafting a law as of Jan 2021 to punish tech giants for this disgusting behaviour and numerous states in America are also in the process of holding them accountable. It’s about time Australian politicians did the same. I believe this will in no uncertain terms alleviate a lot of anguish felt by veterans who are not being able to express themselves the same way everyone else can who doesn’t feel the same patriotism for our country.

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Scott Moerland
Scott Moerland is an ADF veteran of the War in Iraq and East Timor. He is an Australian patriot activist based in Brisbane.
Scott Moerland
Scott Moerland is an ADF veteran of the War in Iraq and East Timor. He is an Australian patriot activist based in Brisbane.
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