People Power: 309,831 Signatures Against Mandatory Injections In Australia


Despite Government and media efforts to ignore this petition, Australians right around the country rose up to ensure that freedom overrode tyranny. Unlike the many weeks of attention that other petitions normally receive, public knowledge of this one only became widespread 4 days before the date of closure. There is no doubt that such a massive result, given the circumstances, have elites concerned and distressed.

This petition gained the 3rd highest amount of signatures ever, only narrowly short of Kevin Rudd’s push for a royal commission into the news media (501,876), and declaration of a climate emergency (404,538). Both of these issues were financed by the top end of town as-well-as heavily promoted in the media, unlike the grass roots campaign against mandatory injections that is not only continuously shunned, but not even given a platform.


E-Petition EN2753 on the Australian Parliament House website was created by Mrs Diane Tonacia, and asked that these experimental injections being tested for the virus, be not made mandatory as it goes against the Nuremberg Code. Not only would it go against this international code, but it would also be a direct attack on the Australian Constitution. There has never been a moment in recent history in this country that could point to such a direct attack on our freedom of choice, human rights, and the law of the land.

Despite the Prime Minister recently stating that he was not seeking to mandate the jabs, he did float the idea last year, and only withdrew such an extreme position when he faced a backlash amongst the Australian people. The government has made it clear that whilst they can’t hold us down and force us to take it, they can make our lives a living hell if we refuse it. They have already decided to make it mandatory for those working in the aged care sector, and are also looking at possibly following suit for disability workers. If one sector is forced, then there is nothing stopping them from eventually extending that to every sector of the workforce. Although some may not care about the freedom of aged care workers seeing as it doesn’t affect them personally, it is a first step that if pushed further, could very much be something that will affect every worker at a later date.

In other parts of the world such as France, mass protests have been ignited after President Macron in a televised address said “the unvaccinated will bear the brunt of the restrictions rather than everyone…from the beginning of August, the vax pass will be needed for coffee, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, trains, buses etc…”. There is no doubt that once one country starts introducing dangerous measures like this, that it will eventually spread to others across the world. Global solutions need global problems, the elites have not made it a secret that this is a global effort thus the totalitarian mandates introduced in one nation, will be the same mandates that we will one day face.


Although we have not yet seen the extent to how far our government can take this, we no doubt have seen an erosion of our basic freedoms, things that in 2019 we would have thought was unthinkable. Government restrictions such as forcing people to wear masks, and if not complying to wearing a muzzle, being fined for wanting to breathe in fresh air. Curfews particularly in Melbourne as to not being allowed to leave the house at night, or imposing travel restrictions of not being able to go 5km outside your home, something the New South Wales government oh so generously increased to 10km recently. Churches and gyms shut down altogether, along with many small businesses following suit if not classed as essential or at the very least running at a loss. Ridiculous social distancing measures that only divide rather than bring people together, and even restricting people in visiting their families or a dying relative. All extremist actions that would have been unthinkable only 2 years ago, yet crazy enough many being so blind to see, are actively supporting this destruction unleashed on humanity.


It is times like these where we need to ask ourselves, what are we going to do about it? The first thing we can do is sign another petition. Although it is likely to get ignored by the establishment and will definitely not be reported in the media, it is still essential that our voices are heard and that pressure is put on these tyrants. Below is a list of links to several other useful petitions that aim to defend our rights regarding the push for mandatory injections. There are also the Freedom Rallies on the 24th of July in multiple cities across the country. When Daniel Andrews announced a snap 5-day lock-down in Melbourne the other day, the Australian people wasted no time gathering in their thousands on the cold streets of the CBD. Some of these upcoming rallies may not go ahead if host cities are still in lockdown, as local police aim to shut them down before they even begin. One thing is for certain though, that if we sit by and do nothing our children will inherit a communist country. The government will not stop lock-downs out of the kindness of their hearts just because you followed their draconian orders. They have already bribed the people with these measures until they see injection rates go up, and even then they will continue to lie and keep us locked up as long as they wish.


The only way to stop this is to stand up and reject these ridiculous measures. All for a virus that has a survival rate of over 99%, and kills less people than the cold or flu. For the pushing of globalist agendas such as bringing in a cashless society, tracking our every movement via QR codes, and by mandating injections that have killed hundreds in this country and left tens of thousands with adverse effects. All for the aim of destroying small business, and giving multi-national companies a monopoly over the market. All for ushering in what NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said was a “New World Order”, which I guess no longer makes it much of a conspiracy theory anymore. This really is make or break, and we can continue to support the system that aims to enslave us, or fight against such a system and instead strive to create what we envision a traditional patriotic society to look like. – Fight To Ban Injection Passports & Certificates – Stop Mandatory Injections For Aged Care Workers – Stop Injections Without Informed Consent

Damien Ferri

Senior Editor @ The Unshackled

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