The Political Meeting at St Kilda Beach over African crime on Saturday drew a crowd of 500 people with just five days notice. It was organised in response to another summer of African youth gang crime in Melbourne.

Patriot activist Neil Erikson was the main organiser and chose St Kilda Beach as the location as it has been one of the main crime hotspots this past month. He also had his own confrontation with African youths at the beach when he fellow Cooks Convicts member Ricky Turner went to survey the area for themselves last Friday night.

Neil Erikson and Ricky Turner at St Kilda

The meeting had the support of fellow patriot activist and Erikson’s colleague from the United Patriots Front Blair Cottrell who was the keynote speaker. Cottrell stressed that the meeting was not against “Africans” but about “governments and a complicit media” who have facilitated unchecked mass migration to Australia which has created this situation.

Speeches from Political Meeting at St Kilda Beach

Members of the Vietnamese community were present as Vietnamese shopkeepers have been targeted by Sudanese youth gangs in St Albans. Erikson and Cottrell were happy to have their support with Cottrell and Turner posing for photo with them holding the South Vietnamese flag which was posted on the event page.


The Unshackled was the only media outlet that provided an objective report on the rally. The rest of the mainstream media instead focused on the massive police presence aimed at separating “extreme far-right” from the Antifa counter-protestors, or as the media referred to them “anti-racism” protestors.

Most media outlets began their description of Erikson and Cottrell as convicted criminals and neo-Nazis in an effort to discredit any of their activism. It is common knowledge that Cottrell served jail time in his youth for aggravated burglary stalking, arson and criminal damage.

Cottrell addressed his criminal history in a livestream with YouTuber Dia Beltran where he stressed he had never been convicted of assault or a sexual offence as some reporting had claimed.

Another thing that is mentioned about Cottrell in mainstream media stories is that in a Facebook post he called for a portrait of Hitler in every classroom. Other media outlets have exaggerated this post to claim he called for Mein Kampf to be prescribed reading for school children.

Cottrell addressed the pro-Hilter comments attributed to him in a video on his now banned Facebook page, where he explained the activity of a fake Facebook account of him which they have refused to delete.

Erikson’s criminal history is that plead guilty in 2015 to making harassing phone calls to a rabbi. Erikson was previously a neo-Nazi but has now disavowed those views. Erikson elaborated on both his calls to the rabbi, which he said were more or a prank than harassing nature and his neo-Nazi past in an interview on the Unshackled last year.

The media also said that Cottrell and Erikson had been convicted of “inciting serious contempt against Muslims”. This is in reference to their conviction under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act for carrying out a mock beheading when protesting the construction of the Bendigo Mosque. It is interesting that the so called free press in this situation are legitimizing a law against free speech

The mainstream media ‘s reporting in the lead up to the meeting was as inflammatory as possible predicting it to be Cronulla 2.0 despite the fact that Erikson had stated he planned it to be peaceful and non-violent as to not give the mainstream media and left the justification to dismiss their concerns about African crime.

There were only three arrests made throughout the whole today despite this media hysteria.

What instead the mainstream media focused on were three unknown members of the patriot crowd, two of which appeared to give the Nazi salute and one brandished a World War Two German SS helmet.




The alleged Nazi salute by a man in a red shirt according to an eyewitness on vlogger Dia Beltran’s channel he was not performing one but just had his arm outstretched when the photo was taken and was jeering at the left “go home snowflakes”.


The other alleged Nazi salute came from a man who used his finger to illustrate a Hitler moustache. This type of Hitler imitation is used in comedic routines about the Nazis, most famously by John Cleese in Fawlty Towers. A genuine neo-Nazi would not give a salute in such a comedic way. For all we know he could have been a leftist plant.


The man with the SS helmet was standing next to Kane Miller of the True Blue Crew though it is unknown if they knew each other. Regardless Kane Miller when speaking to the Unshackled confirmed he was a civil nationalist who wasn’t concerned about skin colour and has stated this in other public addresses.

While the local patriot groups had united after a number of years of division, it was the leftist Antifa aligned counter protestors who were divided and rattled by the fact they were far outnumbered.

As this live video from feminist writer Clementine Ford who was present demonstrates the leftist activists were panicking when they were surrounded by the jeering patriot supporters and trapped in a police kettle.

One of the organisers of the counter rally the Smashed Avocado Movement made a now deleted Facebook post yesterday threatening to report any leftist who came looking for violence.

They also put out a tweet stating they disavowing the Antifa activist Campaign Against Racism and Fascism and any violence or provocation towards “Nazis”.

However the left-wing activists on social media did not like the Smashed Avocado Movement’s peaceful stance and so today on Facebook they issued a grovelling apology.

There was also much social media meltdown that Independent Senator Fraser Anning was in attendance and shook hands with Blair Cottrell, and the fact that it has been confirmed.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison felt the need to condemn what he called “ugly racial protests” although did say continued support for multiculturalism in Australia is based on strong border protection, ensuring infrastructure keeps up with population growth and successful assimilation of migrants.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten also published a post condemning “right-wing extremists” picking on minorities.


Deputy Labor Leader Tanya Pilbersek claimed that the Morrison Government should not accept the vote of Fraser Anning in the Senate (which coincidentally would benefit Labor’s attempts to block legislation.

Other politicians who made a note of condemning the political meeting was Liberal Backbencher Tim Wilson, Labor Backbencher Tim Watts and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson.

The Race Discrimination Commissioner Chin Tan, who was appointed by the Coalition Government and is of Chinese-Vietnamese descent put out a statement condemning the “racist and race-based” motives of the “far-right activists”.


In response to the political and mainstream media condemnation of the meeting Fraser Anning rightly pointed out if only there was this type of condemnation and police resources dedicated to fighting actual crime.

All these examples of fake news, misreporting and loaded language is just further evidence of the mainstream media’s un-trustworthiness, that they report with an agenda, and lot of the time a prepared to just regurgitate leftist activist talking points.

Another conclusion to draw is that the left don’t handle failure very well, they turn on each other and their raging and slander grows louder.

Finally, the response from our political representatives demonstrates although they may talk tough on crime and immigration from time to time to appease a concerned electorate, when citizens actually organise a rally calling on them to implement proper policy solutions they all cannot praise Australia’s multicultural diversity quickly enough.

Australia certainly deserves better than all of this. The Unshackled will continue to cover events and rallies to provide real news and continue to counter and call out any further fake news.

Author Details
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.
Tim Wilms is the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Host of Tim’s News Explosion, the WilmsFront interview program and The Theorists with Andy Nolch. He based in Melbourne, Australia where he also conducts field reports.