QAnon is Fake, Everything Is Fake


QAnon isn’t what it makes itself out to be. It’s a classic example of a controlled opposition. The communists know that pro Trumpers and right-wingers will resist their take over of America. So what they did was start a movement against themselves! But they would secretly be in control of it. That way they could know what the anti-communisr movement was up to and also lead them astray.

The storming of the capital building in DC is an example of this. Secret communist agents got the QAnon people to do naughty things there, and then use that to give Trump and his followers a bad name and get Trump banned from Twitter. They wanted more deaths and possibly bombings to have occurred. If that had happened then the communist-controlled government could really have clamped down on right-wingers.

Q is a fake person and QAnon a fake movement, it’s exactly like in George Orwell’s 1984 where Emmanuel Goldstein leads a resistance movement against Big Brother. It wasn’t a real movement. Winston got involved in it and ended up getting busted by the party. Goldstein sucked in the type of people who were against Big Brother then turned them over to the authorities to convict and lock up.

QAnon, in the same way, is sucking in the people who hate communism and it’s getting them locked up like how the Trump supporters who stormed the capital are now being arrested charged and prosecuted. Not only does Q get right-wingers to commit crimes but he also feeds them false information about world events so that they make bad decisions like trusting the Q plan or something. It’s very clever.

Remember that according to governments it is best not to fight a group, it’s better to secretly infiltrate them and control them. That way you can control everything just how you want it. Resist communism, but don’t fall for fake communist resistant movements. Things usually are not what they appear to be. In fact, they seem to be the exact opposite a lot of the time.

It is like its a law of the universe like gravity. Things tend to be fake and not what they claim to be. Global warming is a classic example, the world is actually getting colder. Lies have to be big to be believed best. They know this law. Big lies end up being the exact opposite of what they claim. Things are opposite, remember that. So be wary of things!

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