In a sign that the left are already triggered about a potential Peter Dutton Prime Ministership his electorate office in Strathpine in his Queensland seat of Dickson was vandalized overnight with windows smashed. Graffiti was also sprayed on a nearby footpath which said ‘Deport Dutton’. The damage is worth to be estimated at $10,000 with the bill likely to be footed by taxpayers unless the culprits can be caught.

Dutton’s office is regularly the target of protests from the left and refugee advocates over his hardline position in Home Affairs on border security. On Tuesday white paper covered the letters on his office signage so it said ‘Peter Dutton MP – Feral Dick’. This however is the first instance of property damage.


Left wing activist group GetUp have established a ‘Ditch Dutton’ fighting fund to unset him in Dickson which he only holds by 1.6%. He is disliked by the left not just for his porflio but his comments on African crime in Melbourne, support for white South African farmers coming to Australia and also his conservatives views on many cultural issues.

Greens Senator Nick McKim has labelled him a fascist. Anthony Albanese said today that Peter Dutton has no heart or soul.

Articles have been published calling Dutton evil. If the left have already resorted to violence in anticipation of Dutton Prime Ministership just imagine how they would behave if it did eventuate


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