Peter Dutton Speaks the Truth on ‘Armani Refugees’


Fulfilling its commitment to not let asylum seekers who come to Australia by boat settle here while at the same time making the sure the taxpayer bill for offshore detention centres is reduced the Coalition Government oversaw 54 asylum seekers on Manus Island leave for the United States as part of the resettlement agreement it brokered with the Obama Administration last year.

Current Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has been steadfast in carrying out the government’s policy and has time and again stood up to the howls of the left of this issue. He has also not been afraid to tell the truth about who these asylum seekers really are, highlighting they are not the downtrodden persecuted victims that they and their sympathizers portray them as.

The latest the refugee advocates are outraged about is Dutton’s comments on ‘Armani Refugees’. He made the comments speaking to Ray Hadley on 2GB on Thursday when asked to comment on the asylum seekers leaving for the US ‘Somebody once said to me the world’s biggest collection of Armani jeans and handbags was up on Nauru waiting for people to collect it when they depart’.

It is certainly not a stretch to suggest that if asylum seekers have the funds to pay people smugglers they might be able to afford some high-end clothing. The images that are beamed into Australia of Manus Island and Nauru don’t show asylum seekers in rags or unkempt, as Dutton continued “We have been taken for a ride, I believe, by a lot of the advocates and people within Labor and the Greens who want you to believe this is a terrible existence”.

In a sign of their continuing weakness on border security Labor criticised Dutton’s comments. Ironically this came from Chris Bowen who was Immigration Minister during the Gillard years who claimed Dutton should stop “being the fashion police” and hurry up and resettle refugees. Nevermind that he oversaw the filling up of our dentition centres which it is now the responsibility of the Coalition to empty.

As you would expect from Peter Dutton he did not back down from these comments. Both his performance as Immigration Minister and the stance of the Coalition since the election of the Abbott Government in 2013 has meant we have avoided the fate of Europe who are still dealing with the consequences of an open-door policy to economic refugees. And as we saw earlier this week stopping the boats has improved the budget bottom line.

However many Australians just wish that the Turnbull Government would tighten the borders when it comes to migrants coming through the front door which is still causing significant community unrest in Australia’s major cities.

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