Peter Dutton Slams Politically Correct Policing in Victoria


Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has unleashed a scathing critique of the Victorian Government’s approach to tackling the state’s growing crime wave largely driven by African youth gangs. Appearing on The Chris Smith Show with Chris Kenny on 2GB this afternoon Dutton called for an end to the politically correct approach to the issue  “We just need to call it for what it is… African gang violence.”

Dutton who is a former policeman himself claimed “the state government’s wrapped its police force up in this politically correct conversation”. He also hit out at the state judiciary for its sentencing “When you look at some of the joke of sentences, there’s no deterrence there” and accused the Andrews Government of stacking the courts with civil libertarian Magistrates.

As the crime wave in Victoria has turned into a tsunami this past month Dutton made the point to highlight how frightened citizens are in the suburbs “The reality is, people are scared to go out to restaurants of a night-time because they’re followed home by these gangs”. He would also use his power as Home Affairs Minister to deal with these African offenders “We need to weed out the people who have done the wrong thing, deport them where we can, but where they are Australian citizens, we need to deal with them according to the law”.

Dutton who never holds back in his regular appearances on 2GB has already enraged the usual crowd on social media for his straight talking, with many of them claiming there is no crime wave because people went to Federation Square on New Year’s Eve and that more money for community services was the solution.

Peter Dutton’s intervention follows that of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Victorian Federal Cabinet Minister Greg Hunt squarely putting the blame on the Andrews Government for letting the outbreak of African youth crime reach alarming levels.

Victorian Federal Liberal MP Jason Wood, also a former policeman who appeared on A Current Affairs on New Year’s Day called for a federal intervention in Victoria to tackle the gang violence with an AFP gang taskforce being sent to the state to assist Victoria Police “Having a coordinated Federal Police with the Victorian police task force in the south-east and he western suburbs, the hot spots”.

Wood who is a moderate within the Liberal Party also called for African youths who have committed violent crimes to be deported “as far as I’m concerned they’ve given up their right to the journey to become an Australian citizen”.

After denials from the Victorian Police Superintendent and Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville about the African link with recent spate of violent crimes and telling the media not to call them gangs, reacting to public outrage this week Neville and Acting Commissioner Shane Patton conceded they are dealing with African street gangs.

Even Daniel Andrews’ own Labor MPs are now demanding action with this being a state election year with the Liberal Opposition planning to run on a law and order platform. Victorians saw Daniel Andrews talk tougher last week after the assault on a police officer at Highpoint Shopping Center but will demand a lot of more action from him and the state judiciary for them to regain confidence the in the authorities capacity to keep them safe.

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