No More Gender Theory in NSW, But Safe Schools Remains


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In New South Wales today there has been a victory for common sense and sound education. The Australian newspaper has reported that the teaching of gender theory will now be banned in New South Wales public schools. This includes putting an end to the teaching of radical views such gender being a social construct, non-binary as a gender and gender being fluid and constantly changing. It will also include the scrapping of a requirement for teachers to “de-gender” their language.

This decision stems from a review ordered by the then New South Wales Education Minister Adrian Piccoli conducted by his department into two state government sex education programs. These were the Teacher Toolbox aimed at Year 10 students and Crossroads the sex education program aimed at years 11 and 12. The review although not released to the public has led to the new minister Rob Stokes ordering the parts of the program teaching gender theory and other grossly sexual explicit case studies to be removed from the program.

This is a welcome development and demonstrates that it is possible for the right to push back against the left’s attempt to impose cultural Marxist social reengineering programs onto our children. However, this review did not cover the Safe Schools program which continues to be taught in many New South Wales public schools. Although New South Wales has the watered-down version of Safe Schools after a federal government review, that program still indoctrinates students as young as 12 into LGBT sexuality and gender theory.

The ban also comes as a surprise when considering the fact that a left-wing Liberal Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, now leads New South Wales. While many in the right expected the new Premier to further the progressive agenda, it is a relief that the new state government has decided to reform a radical leftist program. While this by no means says Berejiklian has suddenly converted to conservatism, it does signify that she may possess some common sense after all. It has to be noted that this may be a sign that she’s trying to please the traditional right-wing members of the party who helped her become Premier.

Conservative members of the New South Wales government have also been lobbying for Safe Schools to be removed from the state’s curriculum for some time now. Backbencher Damien Tudehope last year tabled a petition in state parliament signed by over 17,500 concerned citizens asking for the program to be scrapped or reformed to be real anti-bullying program.

The petition led to a debate in state parliament but so far, the state government has not made any changes to the program. But at least New South Wales children are somewhat protected from these damaging gender theories. This is thanks to concerned parents from groups such you’re teaching our children WHAT educating other parents about the true nature of these programs. Unlike Victoria which has the uncensored Safe Schools program and the radical feminist respectful relationships program being rolled out to government schools this year.

But this decision today from the New South Wales government should be welcomed and encourage us to lobby for further changes to these programs and continue to expose the real agenda of these programs. The right still has a long way to go in order to achieve the full removal of Safe Schools and prevent cultural Marxism from engulfing the education system. This step in the right direction taken by New South Wales should serve as an inspiration to all other states in the country, and if the rest of the country follows, our education system may be saved from the clutches of the left. We can gain back control of the school curriculum from these radical leftists such as Roz Ward and her friends.

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