BREAKING: Sydney suffers rolling blackouts as we swelter through heatwave


Rolling blackouts have begun across Sydney to protect the electricity grid from extreme usage due to the severe heatwave.  As of 3:10pm it it 39.6 degrees at Sydney Airport, after hitting a high of 42.9 degree.  The Western suburb is experiencing even higher temperatures with Penrith currently sitting at 44.2 degrees.

Temperatures are expected to rise further throughout the day, with the heatwave continuing with above forty temperatures for the next two days.

Power  went out for a short period of time for some suburbs in the Blacktown area, with most of Sydney under the threat of expected rolling blackouts from 3:30pm.

The ACT is also being warned that they may experience blackouts this afternoon with the temperature currently sitting on 39.7 degrees there with a forecast high of 41 degrees.

Ausgrid is reporting demand at record levels.


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