Muslims Target Islamic Feminist for Supporting Same Sex Marriage


Turns out being a progressive hijab wearing Muslim feminist women doesn’t protect you from abuse from your own kind. That is what diversity and inclusion consultant and avid twitter poster Mariam Veiszadeh has admitted. She yesterday posted an insightful tweet where she confessed that now most of the trolling of her on social media now comes from other Muslims.

Although she doesn’t explicitly say but is implied that this is due to her support for same sex marriage. Several of her tweets over the past few months have supported both same sex marriage and the LGBT Wear It Purple Day.

For leftists, Muslim women like Mariam are a godsend to their cause as they can point to her and say that social progressive is compatible with the growth of Islam in Australia. She was Fairfax’s feminist website Daily Life Woman of the Year last year.

Of course, Mariam can’t hide the fact and either can other hijab wearing Muslim women such as Susan Carland and Yassmin Abdel-Magied that Islam is a deeply anti-LGBT religion with ISIS throwing gays off rooftops and countries governed by sharia law having the death penalty for gays.

Here in Australia all the opponents of same sex marriage are arguing that the definition of marriage should not be changed. They certainly not advocating imprisonment or death of LGBT Australians.

Therefore, it is not surprising that those that follow the teaching of Koran’s more strictly would target Veiszadeh for abuse on social media. She is the except to Islam, in no way the rule.

It should be noted she is not the first Muslim to be targeted by other Muslims for supporting same sex marriage. We saw the reaction of other Muslims to the occurrence of Britain’s fist Muslim same sex marriage on social media.

We have also seen mainstream Islamic faith figures such as Keysar Trad and the Grand Mufti join the campaign against same sex marriage comparing homosexuality to incest.

Veiszadeh also stated in her tweet that she was previously trolled by Islamophobes. If she means Islamic critics then her just published admission would vindicate their point. That Muslims such as her are not representative to the wider Islamic community, the teachings of the faith and its faith leaders. She is creating through her activism a false perception of what the Islamisation of Australia is bringing.

It should now therefore become apparent that if Veiszadeh wants greater tolerance of Muslims in Australia she should focus on addressing the behaviour and primitive attitudes of her fellow Muslims rather than just dismissing the messenger as racist or bigoted.



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