‘It’s Okay to Be White’ Posters Spread Throughout Adelaide. Police Vow to Investigate


There was mass hysteria over ‘It’s Okay to be White’ posters being put outside the offices of Labor MP Ann Aly in Perth and Greens Senator Sarah-Hanson Young in Adelaide last Thursday. The media deemed them these to be ‘white supremacist and ‘Neo-Nazi’ slogans. Ann Aly who is Muslim and of Egyptian descent called the poster racial intimidation and harassment.

Sarah Hanson Young who is white herself said she’d refereed this ‘vandalism’ and ‘vile crap’ to the police.

The ‘It’s okay to be white’ slogan was put into the political mainstream by One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson. Last month she put forth the slogan in the form of a Senate motion as a response to growing anti-white racism in Australia. The Coalition Government initially voted in favour but later claimed this was due to an administrative error and would never vote in favour of a ‘white supremacist’ motion. They voted in down in a re-vote.

In response to Hanson-Young’s reaction to the poster’s appearance Hanson sent over some white tissues to her office.

Sarah Hanson Young responded by expressing horror that Hanson would find racism funny and called her a ‘disgrace’.

Now it appears that the poster put outside Hanson-Young’s office was part of wider postering campaign around Adelaide with ‘It’s okay to be white’ posters spotted in the Adelaide CBD and at Flinders University. Local Antifa activists in Adelaide either tore them down or wrote over them ‘It’s not okay to be a fascist’.

South Australian Police have also confirmed they are taking Hanson-Young’s complaint seriously with a spokesperson saying “SAPOL is investigating the motivation and intent of the persons posting the signs” and vowing they would throw the book at those found to be responsible “When the person/s responsible for posting the signs are identified and located they can be issued with a $315 fine plus $60 victims of crime levy for the offense of post bill without consent under section 23(1) of the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016.”

SA Police also warned people to be careful removing the posters because of uncorroborated reports on social media suggesting razor blades were affixed behind the posters.

Of course posters being put up in public places advertising various events is common practice. Socialist groups advertise their causes, rallies and events on posters in public places in our major cities occurs all the time and does not solicit a police investigation.

‘It’s okay to be white’ wasn’t the only right wing slogan that was stuck up in public places this past week. In Tasmania where its parliament is considering legislation that removes gender from birth certificates pink penis stickers appeared throughout Hobart with the slogan ‘women don’t have penises’ which were deemed by local LGBT activists to be “hateful and hurtful”.

The fact that our media and leftist activists now feel threatened by posters and want to police to investigate further demonstrates how they cannot handle opposing viewpoints and do not respect free speech.

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