It’s Hooray for Climate Scientists Day Today

We’ve been told to fear irreversible human-induced anthropogenic climate change for the past 25 years. But in 2018 we are still seeing record crop yields around the world, seaside houses have not been eroded, numerous doomsday predictions have come to nothing and daily life has not changed. But every time there is a fire or drought in Australia which is a regular part of the natural weather cycle, climate alarmists keep telling us it is the end of days.

They are also eager to remind us all there is a consensus among climate scientists that 97% believe in man-made climate change. However, the truth is that survey handpicked responses to get the desired figure. The Petition Project has found over 30,000 American scientists who believe there is no convincing evidence to support the hypothesis of man-made climate change which is more than 15-times the scientists involved in the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change process.

But climate change adherents still takes the 97% figure as gospel, so today they are celebrating Hooray for Climate Scientists Day which was apparently formerly known as Hug a Climate Scientist Day. The day was promoted by Guardian cartoonist

According to the cartoon, climate sceptics are responsible for demonising climate scientists when they are the people we should be celebrating. The cartoon descents bizarrely into making sure that when hugging a climate scientist you make sure you gain consent as we are in MeToo era.

This cartoon, as has been established above misrepresents the position of climate sceptics. We are not denying a scientific consensus, we are disputing based on solid evidence that there is a scientific consensus. In fact, we have been busy defending climate scientists like Peter Ridd who lost his job at James Cook University stating that climate change was not destroying the Great Barrier Reef. He is a climate scientist who deserves a hug.

Our rage is rightfully reserved for the political class who have bought this scientific consensus lie and put in place climate policies which have pushed up Australia’s electricity prices giving us among the highest prices in the world and led to an unreliable energy supply.

In fact just today Victoria’s Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio boasted to the Clean Energy Summit that the Andrews’ Government was committed to building 5400MW of new renewable generating capacity by 2025. The politicians are to blame for the current state of our energy market.

In fact, another error in this cartoon is that the fossil fuel companies are complicit in stifling action on climate change. But as we have seen energy companies such as AGL have been boasting that they are getting out of coal and are refusing to extend the life of the Lidell power station or sell it to someone who will in an attempt to shut down coal-fired power generation.

Hooray for Climate Scientists Day is just another misplaced effort in leftist virtue signalling plus attempting to portray their opponents quite literally in a cartoonish way.

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