International Women’s Day: A Day of Manhating, Victimology and Virtue Signalling

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It would appear that one of the new holy days in the postmodern western world is International Women’s Day. It is sold to us as a day to commemorate the women’s rights movement achieving goals such as suffrage and workplace rights. It is worth noting that it is a day that has its roots in the socialist revolutionary movement of the early 20th century. Following the Russian Revolution in 1917 International Women’s Day become a national holiday in the Soviet Union.

With the spread of third wave feminism in the west you can’t turn on the national news today without knowing its International Women’s Day. The aggressive nature of third wave feminism in Australia whose side affects have become man hating and victimology has had a pervasive influence in our media, cultural circles and worst of all our political leaders.

The ABC sacked all its on air male presenters for the day and replaced them with females. The National Press Club this week heard from two female politicians from each party Kelly O’Dwyer and Tanya Plibersek to discuss women’s issues. Sky News has been discussing women’s issues today during its NewsDay coverage.

Members of the government at a press conference today have been wearing pink ribbons to virtue signal their solidarity with the feminist movement. Malcolm Turnbull was wearing two pink ribbons and stated there was still a long way to go to achieving gender equality.

Turnbull’s comments are representative of the attitude we are told to have on International Women’s Day. Rather than reflect on how free women are in western nations to pursue whatever vocation they choose, plus violence and sexual abuse against them is considered both a crime and an despicable act, instead we are all told how terrible we still treat women. The victim mentality is instead promoted to girls rather than empowerment.

It is the first International Women’s Day since the #metoo movement emerged after the revelations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. It is of course been used as proof that the mistreatment of women in western society is still widespread. However it is more representative of the sick culture that is entrenched in Hollywood who really have a nerve to lecture the rest of us about proper moral behaviour.

Those promoting International Women’s Day of course don’t forget to mention the role of men, that they need to do better. They claim it is not about manhating but it is clear that they hold men responsible for the fact that in their opinion there are not enough women in science, business and in politics. They also attack our broader popular culture for containing too many males, our superheros and fairytales aren’t even immune from being seen as part of the patriarchy.

The Barnaby Joyce affair apparently demonstrated there are still sexist attitudes in politics. The reason there are not many women in science or STEM as it is known is because research has shown that women are more attracted to the arts and occupations such as teaching and nursing where there is more social interaction. It’s not a patriarchal conspiracy to keep them out.

Men also face their own issues in modern society, the role of fathers has been constantly degraded, mental health problems, workplace injury and homelessness all affect men the most. Men are also the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Will International Men’s Day on November 19 receive the same coverage?

Of course the left is very confused when it comes to gender all together. They like an international holiday dedicated to the female gender but then they tell us gender is fluid and that we need to adopt gender neutral language and make our society genderless. Maybe we should have International People’s Day instead?

Do not listen to the manhating feminists and our virtue signalling media and political leaders today. As long as you are of the belief that the women in your life should be free to live the life they choose and abhor anyone who physically mistreats them then you are doing your bit to continue to make our nation a great place for women.

  • Carol Miller

    All people should be respected be it men or women. And if they behave in a bad way or disrespectful way then we can be judgemental but there are men out there that I know who are suffering because their partner decides to find another man and then the law allows them to leave the man with nothing despite having provided very well for his family. So no wife, no money and more importantly no children. My son opened a door for a young woman the other day and she abused him. What is happening here? There are some lovely gentle men out there who wouldn’t dream of hurting a woman yet they are all being tarred with the same brush. There are also some women out there who disrespect themselves or take and take and take but expect respect and gratitude for just being a female. As for the gender neutral crap well to each his own but I sure as hell will expect to be called a mother, sister and wife because that is who I am, I am not a genderless person, I am a woman and will show respect to any man Woman or child who asks for my respect. If they want to expose themselves in places like the Mardi Gra or other public places then I would have absolutely no respect for whoever that might be, excluding innocent children of course who are products of their parents and society. However Is this what people want from society? Is this what people want for their children? Do they think by exposing yourself and denigrating good Christian people that it will give an innocent child a good example? And then they wonder where the poor child went wrong when we have that behaviour condoned as Mr Turnbull and wife are doing. Sad, Sad, Sad.