Lawyer Accused of Groping Claims It’s A Witch-hunt Because He Worked With Lawyer X


A well known Melbourne lawyer Glenn Thexton has been charged with groping a 17 year old girl at a Kebab shop on King St back in 2019. This has led to his legal license being cancelled and his law firm being shut down so that he can no longer practice law. He claims he’s innocent and suggests he’s a victim of a police conspiracy to shut him down. Is he lying or did he become a problem to some group that decided to frame him for a crime he didn’t do in order to get him out of the way?

Channel 9 News Report about Thexton’s case.

Click here to read The Age’s article about Thexton’s case. Usually when you hear of a criminal in the news being accused of a crime they are guilty or have done something wrong, but sometimes people haven’t committed any crime at all, they’ve been set up, framed and made to look like they have committed a crime when they haven’t. This is what Thexton is asserting in his case, it’s a bold claim. A group of people getting together to accuse someone of a crime that never occurred, how could that happen?

Thexton worked on major cases that involve a lot of money and powerful organisations like Victoria Police, some people might have had a keen interest in shutting him down. Apparently Thexton worked on a case connected to Lawyer X. Lawyer X(Nicola Gobbo) was a lawyer for mafia type figures but secretly was actually working for the cops and was telling secrets to them about her clients. This helped get people arrested and convicted. She was being a traitor to the mafia basically and tricking them. But also she was breaking the law and the code of a lawyer. Being a secret police informer(spy) is actually illegal as there are attorney-client privacy laws. It’s a perversion of the justice system. In fact, after it was made public that she was an informant some criminals got released from jail because she worked on their cases and it meant that their whole conviction was invalid. The court cases were corrupted therefore the results don’t stand, so they were free to go. Victoria Police had to work hard to keep it secret that Lawyer X existed, they didn’t want the public, the justice system or the mafia criminals knowing that for years they had been perverting the course of justice and actually been breaking the law. And they didn’t want tons of criminals being released from jail. They were using taxpayer money to pay lawyers to prevent the Lawyer X case from being made public too. A figure of 5 million was floated around, that’s how much they spent, that’s how desperate they were to cover this up. This is an outrageous act since the police are supposed to be working to stop people from breaking the law, not corrupt it, but who polices the police?

Information about the Lawyer X Scandal from A Current Affair.

Well after the police spent millions trying to cover up the Lawyer X scandal eventually it became public and then there was a royal commission into police informants ordered by the government, it eventually cost around 40 million dollars, so this commission wasn’t a minor thing. This commission looked into other police informants(other corrupted lawyers basically) and it’s aim was to find out what was really going on and correct any wrong doing in regards to the police and their covert(secret) activities. Now the police had a new problem, they had to make sure that this royal commission did not expose the full truth of their shifty operations with Lawyer X and other informants otherwise they themselves might end up fired or charged with crimes. Basically they had been breaking the law and they had to cover this up otherwise they would get into a lot of trouble, and here’s where Thexton might have come into it. He was involved with Lawyer X as he represented a co-accused of Tony Mokbel(one of her clients) so he was connected to this royal commission in some way. Lawyer X was a secret informer/spy and Thexton was involved with Lawyer X, so you can put two and two together, and that’s about all we know.

ABC 730 Report about the royal commission and Lawyer X.

One wouldn’t rule out Victoria Police doing drastic things in order to stop the full truth from coming out at the royal commission, make it a white wash, make it not reveal how corrupt they really are, so they had to control, silence or nullify Thexton as a Lawyer by giving him this potentially false charge and getting his law license cancelled. Maybe he knew too much? Maybe he could have caused problems for them? or maybe if you thought the Lawyer X scandal was bad then the real whole truth about police informants is epic! But that’s just my conspiracy theory of course assuming he really was framed for groping a girl at a kebab shop. I have looked into this heavily and if Thexton is really telling the truth, if he’s really innocent, then the above reason is the only explanation I can think of as to why he would get slapped with a false charge, and this is pretty much what he says himself. It’s something to do with silencing him to help white wash the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants.

Channel 7 News report about the commission’s findings.

Thexton was involved with many high profile legal cases like mafia type ones, the Westgate tunnel toxic soil fiasco, Craig Minogue(Russel Street Bombing) etc, so there could be another person or group he became a problem for, we have to factor that in too. But again he could be totally lying and is guilty, but he doesn’t have a criminal history of doing such things. Criminals usually have a history of doing crime, people don’t all of a sudden at age 40 decide to become a burglar for example. A burglar almost always has a history of stealing from a young age right up into adulthood. So Thexton has no record of criminal sexual behaviour, so this case does seem strange. There’s also another very interesting point here. Thexton’s legal license was cancelled and his law firm shut down before he was found guilty of the charge. That’s not the normal routine. Usually only when they are found guilty then their legal licence can be cancelled, we are all innocent until proven guilty right. I spoke with a lawyer whose former boss has been charged with some serious charges of the assault and sexual type, yet he is still practicing law right now! So why is this lawyer getting treated one way while Thexton is treated another?

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There’s also the possibility that this is just another case of white male persecution by lefties who work within the government. The racism against whites and sexism against males which the left is doing these days is very common. The radically leftist system we live in seems to be doing major witch hunts of white males and accusing them of anything, if Thexton was black or a woman maybe he would have never been charged. Who knows? Conspiracy theorists believe that this is how the government really works: When the deep state needs to stop someone who is a problem to them, they invent a crime the person has “committed” and then use that as a convenient excuse to legally shut the person down. The person could be totally innocent, but if they plant evidence so that it appears they are guilty then they can be legally shut down. It’s quite a cruel operation but it does effectively work to solve problem people. Do we have to wonder if this is what has occurred?

Are the police this corrupt? or is Thexton a sleazy liar? Or are both true at the same time? Life is a shade of grey, things rarely are black and white, there’s much complexity out there, many conspiracies, it’s what the world runs on but what do I know without a legal degree? Maybe if I ate Kebabs I would have seen what really happened that night on King st.

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Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind. Check out the Andy Nolch Show for a good trustworthy weekly news summary. Because when life becomes a battleground, knowledge is your best weapon.
Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind. Check out the Andy Nolch Show for a good trustworthy weekly news summary. Because when life becomes a battleground, knowledge is your best weapon.