Hanson-Young Doesn’t Know Basic Historical Facts About the Country She Wants To Run



Many people take it as a joke when we say that the left doesn’t know anything about history, among many other things. Unfortunately, we really aren’t joking and yesterday Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young provided even more proof for that.

In a press release yesterday, Miss Hanson Young stated, “Despite an important national debate about changing the date of Australia Day away from Captain Cook’s landing at Botany Bay, the government has decided to spend taxpayer money it is stripping from the ABC on yet another monument to Captain Cook on the land of the Dharawal people.”

Can anyone see anything wrong with this sentence?

Australia Day celebrates the arrival of the first fleet to Botany Bay in 1788, led by Arthur Philip…

Hanson Young has defended herself, putting the blame on the staff member for writing the press release, which she did not read out before it was sent out. The staff member has accepted the blame.

Whether that is true or not, the problem here is how our politicians look not knowing the proper history. It’s not as if this is a complicated part or unknown side of our history either, it is literally the founding of our nation and she gets it wrong? This should be second nature to all our politicians. Even if it was not written by Hanson-Young she should have people in her office who know the facts or at least double check things. Obviously, our history is not important to her as the very point of her media release is to attempt to change it in the first place.

For those who believe it was a simple mistake, it hasn’t been her first stuff up when talking about Australian culture. Back in 2014 Hanson-Young confused fictional TV series Sea Patrol with being a non-fictional documentary. A simple googling of the show would have stopped her from making the mistake in the first place just like a simple googling of a key moment in the history of her own country would have prevented this mistake.




Now the Senator has copped a lot of flak from the media already for this blunder, but it makes one very curious as to if her followers will think the same. It is highly doubtful that she will lose much support for this as after all the people who follow her are ultimately out to change our history, to change the date of Australia Day, arguably the most important celebration in our country.

She can make as many apologies or excuses she wants but the real issue is what this says about those who support her. They will not apologies or even make excuses they will continue to follow her no matter what. Australia Day doesn’t matter to them. Australian history doesn’t matter to them. The facts do not matter to them.

Is this the dumbest thing the Greens senator has done?

Do you think her followers will defend her to the death and why?

Let us know in the comments.

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