Melbourne Musicians Desecrate Colonial Monuments in Music Video

The cultural left in Australia is becoming more aggressive in their tactics and more extreme in their views. The push to change Australia Day reached fever pitch this year with Melbourne Invasion Day Rally organizer Tarneen Onus-Willaims told the crowd “F**k Australia. Hope it f**king burns to the ground”.

We recently found out not even ANZAC Day is sacred to them with alleged comedian Catherine Deveny calling it bogan Halloween and labelling serving in the military not that heroic.

One of the left’s latest methods to express their disdain for Australia and its history is through artistic work, often funded by the taxpayer they spit in the face of. The Sydney Theatre Company recently premiered Blackie Blackie Brown, an Aboriginal superhero whose job it is to kill the white descendants of those who massacred her ancestors.

Now the latest artistic contribution to this colonial and white hatred is from Melbourne doom metal band Divide and Dissolve. Its Resistance music video features band members Takiaya Reed and Sylvie Nehill using water pistols to spray a urine-like substance and spit on colonial monuments to James Cook, John Batman and Charles Grimes.

The video begins extremely crassly with Reed and Nehill sitting on the toilet with their pants down putting their urine into jars in preparation for their desecration.

The video concludes with the statements “We would like to acknowledge that these are a few of the many monuments to genocide, white supremacy, colonial violence, cultural genocide, ecocide, slavery, rape and murder,” and “We are so excited to live in a world where these monuments do not exist. Bring them down. Decolonise now”.

Thankfully this music video has attracted widespread disgust with new Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp telling 3AW’s Neil Mitchell she was “aghast at the disrespect” in the video, although a supporter of free speech stated the video was “too extreme”.

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi said the video was “an unsettling disrespect for our history and traditions” and an example of “groups who want to dismantle Australian society and its values.

The video premiered on Vice spin-off website noisey. The backlash had led to several of Divide and Dissolve music videos to be removed from Youtube, however, YouTube has since re-uploaded the Resistance video with an age-restriction.

As is always the case when leftists encounter a backlash to their disrespectful actions Divide and Dissolve have tried to play the victim. Reed and Nehill have complained about receiving threats of death and violence.

The band has subsequently released a statement following the backlash “Divide and Dissolve’s art practice includes decolonising, decentralising, disestablishing, and destroying white supremacy. With our video for “Resistance”, we are drawing attention to the memorialisation of genocide, slavery, rape, murder, cultural genocide, and ecocide. The people commenting with hate are clearly displaying the fact that we do not live in a society free from white supremacy, and are perpetrating everything we stand against”.

Of course, the backlash would never be because of the fact they showed disrespect to the people who helped build modern Australia whose benefits this band enjoys. Certainly, if conservatives disrespected a monument to a darling of the left their would be cries of a hate crime being committed.

In response to vandalism last year of a Capitan Cook monument in Sydney’s Hyde Park last year the Federal Government has moved to have statues of Cook listed on the National Heritage List which means that future desecration of such statues as we saw in this video could result in jail time, and fines of up to $88,000. Victoria Police have stated the incident could constitute a criminal offence.

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