One of the most insidious influences in the world, responsible for much violence and oppression that the left are loathe to criticise is Islamism. In western nations Muslims are always the victims and their actions are always excused by arguing that its because they oppress us.

Often the ideology of Islamism clashes with the left’s other causes such as feminism and LGBT rights and they find it hard justifying when questioned how they are compatible with each other. Islam is one of the worst oppresses of women and LGBT people around the world yet they are never singled out for criticism by the left.

Well it turns out that one Australian Greens Senator has had a moment of sanity. Janet Rice of Victoria has written a letter to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop which she republished on her Facebook page urging her to raise with the Ambassador to Indonesia the increasing persecution of LGBT people in that nation.

Indonesia is currently considering a law that would make sexual intercourse outside of marriage illegal which would have the effect of making homosexuality illegal. This could potentially see many Australian tourists in Bali (which is actually a Hindu island) turned into criminals for what they do behind closed doors.

Indonesia over the past year has shown signs that it is increasingly becoming an Islamic fundamentalist nation. Last year the former Governor of Jakarta was convicted of blasphemy and the province of Aceh is now governed by sharia law which saw a homosexual couple subjected to a public caning.

Although Rice doesn’t mention Islam in her letter most will make the connection that the spread of Islamism in Indonesia is responsible for the LGBT human rights abuses she is condemning. This is still a pretty amazing progress from somebody like a Greens Senator that she is indirectly condemning the consequences of Islamism in Indonesia.

One hopes that maybe Rice’s next step is calling for a halt to Australian aid to Indonesia which totals $357 million a year. Much of this aid money goes directly to promoting the religion of Islam in Indonesia as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade funds the Australia-Indonesia Institute’s Muslim Exchange Program.

But most of all let’s hope that her and the rest of the left come to realise that Islamism is not compatible with the rest of their social justice goals. We won’t hold our breaths but at least Rice has made the first step.

The Islamisation of Indonesia is an issue that should concern Australia as previously mentioned it has implications for Australian tourism, international trade, our border security and national security. If the situation in Indonesia gets worse it would certainly benefit Australia’s response if all major parties (including the Greens) were on the same side.

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