Some of the murders that the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) committed were actually carried out by government agents. The US Federal Government has been going after the KKK for political reasons since the 1920s. They would use tactics like getting the IRS to bankrupt them and in the 1960s they went as far as murdering blacks and blaming it on the KKK. This gave the KKK a real bad and evil crazy image as opposed to a political group that wants segregation and a strong white America.

What is interesting is that in all western nations federal governments are always undertaking power grabs. Instead of letting towns across the country do what they want they come in and say ‘we are the federal government, we are legally higher up the food chain so you guys have to do what we say, we are overriding your local and state government.

Although America was created as a union of states with state rights the federal government constantly comes in and steals their rights. The same thing happens in Australia. There was a big shooting (which the gov did but for the sake of this post let’s just pretend that the retard Bryant was as competent as a military-trained shooter) it was called the Port Arthur massacre.

But instead of the state of Tasmania deciding whether or not guns should be allowed the federal government stole the states rights and simply said ‘all states are to ban guns and we are not respecting the states’ rights to make their own laws and we are actually breaking the Australian Constitution’ Because this shooting was so bad we must do this and because we are more powerful and have more connections than the states we can get away with this power grab’.

Of course, they didn’t use those words. These perfect lawyer public speakers who are our politicians use dishonest words whenever they convince us of law changes. Yes, our former Prime Minister John Howard is the biggest lawbreaker there is, he’s a criminal.

Communists and globalists always plan a take over by targeting the national government and getting that government to force all the other levels of government below them to institute overarching laws. They don’t respect what locals want and when it comes to a world governing body the same thing happens, countries get screwed over by them and their citizens’ freedoms get taken away.

Overall this centralization of control and power lowers all of our living standards which is their goal. The poorer the people are the more easily controlled the citizenry is. The government at the moment has four levels: local, state, national, and global, they all abuse us in varying ways. The communist and globalist laws actually come from the worldwide level and they infiltrate nations, then states then your local government. That’s why for example you can’t use plastic bags at the shops and have to drink out of paper straws which crush easily.

The international network that is promoting globalism and communism could be the international cult of freemasonry. These guys could be the source of creating the world government and also the source of slogans like ‘you will own nothing and be happy’ and the World Economic Forum ad shows some trendy dude smiling, yes that’s the great reset, its 21st century communism, these guys are promoting it!

We are living in a world made up of powerful men’s ideas, which is fine, but it ain’t fine because these sicko men have bad ideas! Ah I should go and look at some modernist architecture and learn to love it. That ugly style is commie by the way, no joke. It’s the international flavour!

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