Faith Goldy, Australian Meditations Banned From Facebook. Hunter Avallone Suspended From YouTube


Facebook’s new policy against white nationalism and separatism has claimed its most high profile scalp in Canadian alt-right media personality Faith Goldy.

Other Canadian nationalist groups that were banned in the same purge from Facebook and its sister platform Instagram were the Canadian Nationalist Front, the Aryan Strikeforce; the Wolves of Odin; the Soldiers of Odin and and the Canadian Infidels.

Goldy first came to fame while working for Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media but was fired by Levant after attending the Charlottesville white nationalist Unite the Right Rally in August 2017 and appearing on a podcast affiliated with the Daily Stormer website.

Since then Goldy has become more friendly with alt-right and white nationalist personalities and media outlets such as Red Ice TV, and focused her commentary on the consequences third world immigration, multiculturalism and white genocide and replacement theory.

She was a candidate in the 2018 Toronto mayoral election where she came in third attracting 25,667 votes or 3.4% of the total vote.

She promoted her candidacy through a variety of public stunts including gatecrashing the first candidates debate after she was not invited to participate.

Goldy had already been banned from crowdfunding platform Patreon for reciting the Fourteen Words used by white nationalists and alt-righters “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” on a livestream with YouTuber Millennial Woes.

Two months later she was banned from PayPal for the same reason.

Goldy addressed her Facebook and Instagram ban in a livestream from her YouTube channel which has 97k subscribers. She is currently on family vacation and so the rest of the Canadian media knew about her ban before she did.

But Goldy said she is unfazed and undeterred by Facebook’s ban and although she still has her Twitter and YouTube for now they can’t take away her website and other methods to broadcast. She cannot be unpersoned as she still has her family, friends and followers.

Back in Australia popular Australian nationalist vlogger and video archiver Australian Meditations had his Facebook page deleted for an unknown reason, but since it is an explicitly white nationalist platform this is the most likely why. Stefanos who runs Australian Meditations outlined his political philosophy in an Unshackled Waves episode.

Many of the nationalist videos featuring prominent figures such as Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson have been restricted on Australian Meditations’ YouTube channel. Australian Meditations now has a Gab account which posts his written content and shares other media.

And lastly popular anti-SJW YouTuber Hunter Avallone had his YouTube account immediately terminated for hate speech, despite having no community standards strikes against his channel. YouTube said:

“We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines your YouTube account Hunter Avallone has been suspended. We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines, your YouTube account has been suspended. After review, we have determined that your account activity violated our Community Guidelines which state that hate speech is not acceptable on our site…”

However, within 24 hours YouTube restored his channel claiming it was a mistake, though how an account is accidentally deleted for hate speech, and the fact it only happens to right wing accounts remains a mystery.

YouTube has largely avoided the practice of Facebook of permanently banning people with nationalist or white nationalist views instead restricting accounts like they recently did with Tommy Robinson’s YouTube channel.

Hunter Avallone spoke about how exactly YouTube’s suspension and then reversal unfolded in his latest video.

He stated he had always aimed to abide by YouTube’s community standards so was extremely worried by YouTube’s sudden actions. He now relies on YouTube as his main source of revenue and now has a young family to support.

Hunter has also previously appeared on the Unshackled Waves show.

We will keep you updated if there are any further major social media deplatformings which usually come without warning and without a justification given.

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