May 18 Aus Election- Stay Tuned to TU


The date of which you can exercise your political, democratic rights has been announced. The big media propaganda machines are ramping up the fear and angst. Now more then ever, you need to stay tuned to The Unshackled to get coverage that you won’t find at the MSM.

You can try, but you wont find.

Big media is going to serve you up a continued slop of LIBERAL OR LABOR. Although we also cover these two fairly (within our limited resources) just as we cover anything else, remember that it will be The Unshackled that will give a fair voice to all the other political parties that are out there. We don’t pretend that they don’t exist, unlike the MSM who has an agenda to push.

What we are doing is democratic. What the MSM is doing is pushing an agenda, they are undemocratic. Remember that. So stay tuned to The Unshackled this election season, and we will give you news that they simply won’t talk about.

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