Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Australian Tour Sold Out. More Shows Being Considered


The Australian tour of Canadian clinical psychologist and University of Toronto Professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has now sold out. In January a three city Australian tour was announced by the newly created True Arrow Events Group. Tickets for the Sydney and Melbourne shows were put on sale first and sold out within a week.

However it was the Brisbane show where tickets were snapped up in a frenzy. They went on sale at 10am on Tuesday 6th of Feburary and sold out five minutes later. Some of his most devoted fans in the Brisbane area took to social media to express their dismay that they had missed out on tickets in the blink of eye. Such a fast sell out of tickets is normally reserved for rockstars, not university professors.

Even though Dr. Peterson had already gained a large online following since he shot to fame in September 2016 speaking out against Canada’s C-16 transgender pronoun bill it grew even larger after his interview on Britain’s Channel 4 News with Cathy Newman. Newman’s hostile approach to the interview when questioning Dr. Peterson on his opposition to feminism and support of free speech backfired when she herself was lost for words by his responses. The interview on YouTube has had over 6 million views.

After her humiliation in the interview Newman and Channel 4 played the victim calling in security experts as they decried the abuse she was receiving on social media threatening to call the police.

Dr Peterson has stepped up his media appearances in recent weeks to promote his new book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos which is currently number 1 on Amazon.com’s bestsellers list.

The True Arrow Events Group has flagged its desire to hold a second show for Melbourne and Sydney and is awaiting on approval from Dr. Peterson’s team in Canada. There is no indication yet whether a second Brisbane show is being looked at but given the extraordinary high demand and that many fans missed out one would hope that it is being considered as well.

It is certainly shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated tours of the year with the interest of Australians in hearing Dr. Peterson in person exceeding everyone’s expectations.

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