There is a terrifying double standard when it comes to domestic violence between men and women, one in three domestic violence victims are male. But how come this kind of statistic goes unseen by the mainstream media and the feminist movement is silent on this kind of issue? Because this kind of issue is not inline with their narrative that only men can be the aggressors of domestic violence.

Take for instance one case of a man named Nick, Nick stated “She charged at me and pushed me into a wall and my head hit the doorframe” when Nick stated he would like to go and have Christmas with his family for the first Time in 24 years, there was more abuse than this from his partner Imogen who would attack him for something as little as not hanging the washing out correctly. But where are the blue haired, unshaven, beached manatees they call feminists these days? Why did they stay silent about an abuse case this horrendous? Because in their storyline, men are always the bad guys.

But let’s not just aim our harpoons at the hairy 3rd wave femiwhales, let’s look to mainstream media and entertainment for their view on male victims of domestic violence. In movies if a man is getting beaten by a woman, it is considered as comedy, but the moment a man raises his hand to a woman, it is considered as horrendous and shocking. Why this double standard? Why not equality? After all that’s all these Odor ridden dykes want right? Either we stop finding men getting beaten up as funny, or we should laugh hysterically when the movie portrays a woman getting beaten up. The choice is yours folks.

Men have a hard time finding support for their problems, feminists have trouble with Movember which raises awareness for Prostate cancer, testicular cancer and Male suicide which occurs at rates 3 times greater than that of female suicide, but of course the fat whales of the feminist movement will do anything they can to silence this fact. When they talk about equality, they are talking nothing but bullshit. Call them out on their double standards, don’t let them get away with the lies and deceit they spew out to our children.

We need to crush this double standard, it is ruining the lives of men in the western world, men get tougher sentences than women, men lose custody over children in divorce cases on most occasions, and has to give over 50% of his possessions and money to the woman, just for being a woman. That is REAL sexism. I’m a meninist, and I will stay a meninist for the rest of my life.

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